Sunday, April 17, 2011

Silly Sunday - Cat TV; Dancing with the Chickens

Every day when the publicist collects the eggs from the chicken houses a certain Farm cat watches from the basement window.  This is his Cat TV.

The publicist throws some grain in front of the window so the chickens all run and peck at the ground in front of the window to entertain Sherpa.  He always stands up and waves or something....

Dancing with the Chickens?

Oh, and a certain goat is in the kidding pen......


  1. Gosh chicken TV, what could be better than that. What fun to do a little dance with the chickens.
    Oh we are so excited that Abby is in the kidding pen. Come on Abby and spit those kids out. We just know they are going to be cute. Take care.

  2. Abby babies are coming! Yea! That Sherpa certainly does seem to want to be an OUTSIDE farm cat. Darn owls and hawks!

  3. i want chicken tv too! hooray for abby! it is almost time!

  4. And here we thought pigeon TV was good...

  5. Sherpa has the bestest channel of all! We'd be dancing too if we had the Chicken Network!

    Yay for Abby and the soon to be here kid(s)!

  6. WOW, chicken TV!!!! How pawsome! I wish we had chickens, but the coyotes would probably eat them (before I could).

    Are we going to be seeing a new baby goat(s) soon???

  7. Oh, how cute, and what a good idea to lure the chicks for closeups.

  8. From this perspective it looks more like Sherpa TV than Chicken TV, since the cat is the one behind the square glass box. :)


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