Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Our Goat Yoga Class

Boy am I glad that show is ALL GONE!
There should be NO SNOW in April!

Now for our goat yoga class.
Sarah leads our class because she seems to be the most limber.

Although this will soon change as her pregnancy gets more advanced.
OK she maaaas.....

Everygoat S  t  r  e  t  c  h!

And we do!
Nora stretches....

I stretch

Keep in mind that I am an old goat and I don't stretch like I used to.
Abby stretches

As far as a chubby pregnant goat CAN stretch
And Sarah stretches.

Aaaaah, now we all feel relaxed.
Time for a treat?

Why not?


  1. You just can't beat yoga! Good for you goaties!

  2. I wish I could stretch like that still. I am sore just watching you goaties! I will try and get more flexible though. Keeps ya healthy. :)

  3. .....and.....breathe out.........

    Phew. I feel bettter all ready! :)

    But Pricilla, you shouldn't come to New York. It is April 5th and today it's....snowing...........

  4. You all stretch beautifully. I think after your workout, you deserve a hay smoothie.

  5. Oooh, that works good for two-legged folks, too! Thanks for the mini-class.. Have a great day and come visit when you can.

  6. Pricilla, we know where you are coming from. Our Mom can barely pick anything up from the floor. You are doing really well in your Yoga exercises. Hope all of you have a fun day.

  7. I thought post-yoga treats were a requirement!

  8. Very impressive yoga moves! Our yoga goat, Kizzy, would be jealous.

  9. Don't you get granola and smoothies afterward??? Sheesh.

  10. What's the use of doing goat yoga if you don't get treats? The publicist obviously doesn't know the rules.

  11. LOL I love your blog. Makes me smile. I have to tell you that one year I went to a fair and they had a petting zoo with goats. And this one goat had long blond hair. And I thought it was the goat's real hair. My husband humored me as I'm quite gullible. But then some guy showed me it was weaved into the goat's hair. I was so disappointed but impressed that at goat could have a weave.


Maaaaaa away....


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