Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Next Top Goat Model

We have these two beautiful does strutting around the pen lately and I was wondering - who do you think would make the Next Top Goat Model, Thelma or Louise?

They both have their attributes and they both can vogue it on the goat walk. 
I wonder what Tyra Goatbanks would say to them?

Thelma is a bit older but only by three minutes so that shouldn't hurt her.
She is soft and fluffy.

She knows how to show her fur to its best advantage.
Oh, yes! She can pose.

Go, Thelma, go!

Show them how you strut!

But Louise is not slacker!
Oh no!
She is just as soft and fluffy and a tiny bit smaller than her big sister.

Will that be an advantage?
I don't know.
She can also give the camera a work out.

Her walking style is different than Louise's but just as engaging...

Not that either one of them walks all that often. They are usually hopping!
So, what do YOU think?
Who will be the Next Top Goat Model?
Thelma or Louise?

It's tough, isn't it?


  1. i think it is a tie. it is too hard to choose between cute!

  2. Definitely Louise. She struck a perfect pose in that second picture.

    I'm a model, you know what I mean! When I do my little turn on the Goatwalk...

  3. I like how Louise holds her tail up so high! We need some video of all this hopping, please.

  4. They are both runway perfect!

  5. Yeah, but Thelma has the swagger (and, probably, the gun hidden somewhere...) It's a close tie, no doubt, but Thelma gets mine.

  6. So funny to see how they're alike and different. Love those girls!

  7. Of course they are both top models! And from what I gather, goats don't have runways - they have hopways!

  8. We think it's a tie too and they will both be the Next Top Goat Model! Tyra Goatbanks has nothing on them!

  9. We have to say it is a tie. Although we kind of like Louise's little face and I think it is because it is all white. But they really are too cute. Yup time for video of all this hopping. Take care.

  10. Hmm will be a hard choice!Louise looks like she has on some fancy designer pants with one black leg and one white leg!

    I can't believe I have not been over here to see them before. Bad me!

    I love the already. :)

  12. They should both model! So adorable and wearing top-of-the-line black and white coats. Goat elegance at its best!

  13. I think both are model material for sure!

  14. They are both just too cute! If I had to pick one it would have to be Louise because she looks like she is striking a model pose in the second picture.

  15. Maybe they can become famous twin goat models. That way they can both model together. Double the fun.


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