Tuesday, April 19, 2011

It's Good the Twins Have Coats!

Yesterday was a very strange weather day.
At first the sun came out and then so did we.

The publicist had a doctor's appointment and she was getting ready to leave and she looked out the window and saw THE BOYS HAD ESCAPED!
The broke their fence.
Since she and the male person would not have time to fix it before they had to leave they put us all back in the barn.

We were not happy.
But it turned out for the best because IT SNOWED!
Then it RAINED.
Then the sun came out.
Then it SNOWED some more.
Then the sun came out again.
Then it rained some more.
Then it HAILED.

It was not a nice day.
Not at all.
Here is the hail pile.

I, for one goat, was very happy to be in the barn.
The new little girls were happy to have goatcoats when it was so chilly for April.

Aren't they cute, although somegoat was rolling around in the hay!

One of the little does actually managed to get herself OUT of her goatcoat her first night.
The publicist would love to know how she did that!

You can see how tiny they are.

The publicist is sorry the photos are not very good. It was dark in the barn.
She is hoping the sun will be out tomorrow so they can get out for a little bit.
So is Abby....


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  2. Those little girls are so cute! Will you be picking names soon?

  3. The girls are just getting cuter every day! Texan's goat coats are great!

  4. You know, this winter thing is just not quitting! I'm getting a little tired of it too. It's a good thing that everyone was in the barn so that they didn't get snowed, rained, and hailed on. Sheesh. Weather!

  5. We got hail and wind yesteray too! Keep trying to clean up my garden but the wind won't stop.. Maybe if I had a cute little goat coat then I would be warm and toasty too... Or I could just get a goat then I wouldn't have to worry about my garden!

  6. Goat coats in April? What IS this world coming to?

    We had the very worst of all weekends and it's still not better.
    But the way that goat coat sticks out over that wee goatie butt makes me think the sun is shining!

    Stay warm!

    Mimi & Darla

  7. they sure are cute. it is pouring here today! i can't wait to hear what their names will be!

  8. Rofl I would love to know how she got out of her coat too! lol..

    They are so cute!!

  9. Those girls are so tiny they haven't grown into their goat coats yet!

  10. Very cute goat coats and cute kids too! You got snow? Geez I bet you are wondering if Spring will ever get here!

  11. So many exciting things are happening at your farm with boys escaping, wacky weather and adorable little does!

  12. The goat coats are so adorable. I hope it gets warmer soon and you can go back outside.

  13. I'm not thrilled about the hail, but darn it, they do look cute all bundled up!

  14. Well, hail! I'm sorry you got such wacky weather. Good thing the bebbehs have their goatcoats on!

  15. Your weather sounds even worse than ours. I hope you get some nice weather soon. Those little girls are just the cutest!

  16. You tell the publicist not to worry about the quality of the pictures. Those two little girls would be adorable in the dark, with no lights, in black goat goats with an out-of-focus picture. :)

    These look great! And ridiculously cute.

  17. I just don't know if I can stand all this cuteness. We think the pictures are terrific and I cannot believe how cute the girls are in their little goat coats. Sure glad the babies weren't out in the hail. That is just awful weather. Take care you two little cute girl kids.


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