Saturday, April 9, 2011

Farm Cat Fun

One morning there was a mysterious lump in the bed.

Farm cat Harry thought it deserved some attention.

What is this?

Is that a bit
Could it be?

Harry decides to pounce!

It was!

Sherpa the Farm cat was hiding under the covers!
Silly Sherpa!
I guess he wasn't too silly. Harry decided he wanted to be big purple lump!

In he goes!

But Sherpa decided to pounce!

Farm cats are just plain silly!
We goats would never do this.
We have more dignity.


  1. Our cats just ignore each other... They prerfer to think that they are only 'Children'!

  2. Napster would have shredded every inch of bedding to punish us. She is absolutely the "only" kitty!

  3. Silly kitties! It does look like they are having fun. Maybe we goats should try it.

  4. LOL looks like they had a fun time!

  5. It's fun playing with the furry bed monsters!

  6. Pricilla, you don't know what you are missing - the bed monster game is fun!

  7. How in the WORLD did you get such great pictures of this whole thing?! I loved every one as I scrolled down... you are a great sports announcer too!

  8. LOL Your black and white kitty has the same spots as my manx! It's so funny how so many of them do. =D

  9. That is so darn cute! How come my cats don't play like that? :(


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