Friday, April 22, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - Sherpa and Harry Help (?)

It's time for another Farm Cat Friday!
Today I am going to show you those two crazy Farm Cats, Sherpa and Harry "helping" the publicist paint in the yurt.

I am sure she REALLY appreciated all of their help.
Harry discovered that he liked to climb the ladder.

In fact he is STILL climbing the ladder.
No matter what time it is.
The publicist says she never knew such a little cat could make such a racket.
But this is another blog post altogether.

He even tries to chase his tail when he is on the ladder!

I am not sure how that gives the publicist any help....

Sherpa inspected the primer.

He made sure it was of the right consistency for painting.

It was.
It was also, unfortunately the right consistency for leaving little cat prints all over the yurt.
Harry then taught Sherpa about climbing the ladder.

He does not like it as much as Harry does.

That COULD be because a certain tuxedo cat is always chasing him.

What do you think?


  1. did you ever see that book about cats painting? it looks as if harry and sherpa read it!

  2. I think Ruby and Reba would get along real with with Harry and Sherpa! They are always exploring and getting into trouble!

  3. Looks like the publicist has plenty of help!

  4. My cat Billie loves climbing ladders. She can sleep up there, pounce on the other cats from there... It's just such a convenient toy!

  5. Oh no! Sherpa stuck his paw in the paint???! EEEK! It's amazing that you get anything accomplished with your "helpers"!

  6. Sherpa, you could sell your paw print art for squillions of temptations on eBay!

  7. I think Harry and Sherpa are GREAT help! And I bet those kitty paw prints Sherpa made all over the yurt are very decorative - see? He is an artist, too!

  8. Now the publicist only needs a couple of goats to help in the house, and her crew would be complete!

  9. Harry and Sherpa are such a huge help to the publicist! When any painting gets done around here we get put in a room so we can't help. That's so not fair.

  10. You two are furry little maniacs!

  11. Sherpa, good job putting your paw print all over the place. That was so smart of you. Looks like you two are just the biggest help. That ladder does look like a lot of fun too. Hope all of you have a great week end.

  12. No paint job is ever complete without paw prints! Everymeow knows that.


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