Friday, April 29, 2011

Farm Cat Friday - It Was Bound To Happen

The publicist said it was due.
She was surprised it hadn't happened before this.
What, you ask?

Your eyes are not deceiving you - that IS Harry the Farm cat on the wall!
The male person heard something when he was making the publicist's coffee.
He looked up and there he was!

Silly Harry!
While he was up there he took quite the tour around all of the walls of the yurt.
Why not, right?

He went over to the bedroom.

He looked into the bathroom.

He stopped to enjoy the view from on high.

I think the other cats were jealous!
Sherpa could only figure out how to get on the low wall in the craft room.

I think he wants to get on the high walls!
Just then a woodpecker flew onto the yurt and all the cats jumped at the sound.

Even Harry!

In fact, he jumped the walls!
From the bedroom to the living room!
Maybe he should join the circus!
Was he going to jump ALL the way down to get to the woodpecker?

No, he just sat there.
That would have been quite the jump!

How did he get down?
The same way he got up!

The male person had left a ladder next to the doors that still need to be installed. So Harry walked over and stepped down onto the doors, then onto the ladder.

Then he climbed down the ladder and jumped to the floor!
Safe at last!
I am sure it will not be the last time he explores the walls of the yurt!

What do you think?


  1. i think the publicist's husband should build a bunch of kitty ramps so all the cats can add a new level to their playground. cat patrol is not such a bad thing!

  2. Now if you can just some how attach a duster to them they can do all your high up cleaning!

  3. Hahahaha! I love that cat!! And I love how he used the ladder to get up there. Very smart kitty, you got there. :) And funny!

  4. That is one smart cat! And quite the acrobat too!

  5. Harry is very adventurous! He made our mommy nervous but we think he looks like he's having lots of fun!

  6. Well we kitties think that looks like so much fun. We would love to have something to get that high up on. Harry you are also very brave to up that far. Glad you remembered how to get down. Take care.

  7. You know what we think? We think we need a Yurt.

  8. Great ideas, everyone! Very smart kitty to climb DOWN a ladder -- very smart, indeed. Now, on to more important things -- I want a yurt, too! Love it.

  9. Harry looks like he was having a great time! And I bet it was fun, overseeing all the goings on at the yurt!

  10. Harry gives a true meaning of climbing the walls!

  11. Harry had quite the adventure! It was nice of the male person to put a ladder there for him.

  12. That was fantastic!! What a happy cat. There is nothing better than scaling the heights in a place where you should not be (as a cat of course...)

    Great post!


    Happy Saturday!

  13. We have a beam up by our ceiling and one of our cats always climbs up the bookcase to walk on the beam (and the top of the cabinets).


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