Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Brewster Gets a Tree-t

Actually we all got a bit of a tree-t but this was Brewster's very first taste of pine so it was fun to watch him.
The publicist found some branches of tree and brought it to us for a snack.

Brewster dug right right in!

He really enjoyed his pile o'tree!

In fact he even ignored the publicist calling him for some extra grain to eat the tree-t.
Can you imagine such a thing?
I can't!
He just kept eating the pine branch.

I mean, I likes me some pine but to ignore GRAIN?
That is one crazy kid.

But then he went and raided Luke the goat's pile o'tree.

What do you think happened next?
You will have to wait and see!


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  2. I miss baby Brewster! (That's what I meant to type) He's soooo grown up now!

  3. Oh yeah, some Brewster. Look at him, he is so cute. Our goat loves Pine too. It sure was good to see you Brewster. I bet Luke butted you away from his Pine. Big hugs to you Brewster.

  4. And I thought you meant that you had planted a tree in Brewsets pen! Like that would last more than 10 minutes! That first picture is really cute!

  5. uh oh...i hope brewster didn't get butted!

  6. I do enjoy reading about those adventures and will be suspensefully waiting the next episode.

  7. I'm thinking this doesn't turn out well for the Brewster.

  8. He may be grown up but he still looks like he can snuzzle......!

    Oh no, not Luke's pine...........
    I hope it doesn't involve more butting..........


  9. Uh-oh, I bet Luke was not happy about Brewster digging into his pine!

  10. We're going to guess that Brewster was so cute that Luke didn't mind. At least we hope not!

  11. How cute! If I was a goat, I think I'd probably like tree-t, too. But I'm not so sure if I'd be as cute about it as Brewster.

  12. Yummy! That does look good, but I agree it can't beat GRAIN! I hope Luck still has his twine on, or it might not bode well for poor Brewster!


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