Monday, March 14, 2011

Welcome to the Catstacular Event!


As you all know Pricilla is taking a little break from blogging. She is going to rest and bask.
I am Sherpa the Farm cat for anyone who does not know me. 
I am going to be your Maitre de Chat or MC for this event. We are going to have lots of fun and I am hoping to provide you with a bit of catucation along the way.

Pricilla was very kind to intermew me when I first came to the Farm but I would like to briefly tell you my story:

I don't remember where I was born. I only know that when I was a tiny little kitten I was in a cage in the shelter in Missoula, Montana with my brother. I don't know how I got there or where my mommy was. It was very scary.

Then one day this man came in looking for an orange cat!
He wanted to surprise his wife.
He saw me and brought me home.
THAT is how I became a Farm cat!

I love living on the Happy Goats Farm although I think it should be the Happy CATS Farm!
I also think that all cats in the shelter should find homes.

There are also three other Farm cats living here, Stinky, Pumpkin and Harry. They are all stray cats that the publicist took in. 

Stinky she found in New Jersey. Poor Stinky was running around with a collar that was so tight that when the publicist cut it off it left an indentation on her neck that was there for a long, long time.

Pumpkin showed up under the trailer one day shortly after the publicist moved to Montana. He was very, very hungry. She fed him for a couple of days and then one day he ran into the trailer and he has never left!

Harry is the newest Farm Cat. He was brought to the Farm by a neighbor. His mommy had been hit by a car and Harry was sitting in the street meowing. The neighbor already had too many cats so the publicist took him in.

That is how all of us came to live on the Farm. The publicist has always taken in stray cats and feels that it is not our fault but humans' fault that cats are running around loose and filling up shelters. She says to be sure to get your cats spayed and neutered.  I can't say I agree on the neutered part.

This week will be fun filled and to start it off be sure to head over to the publicist's blog to enter to win a $25.00 Gift Certificate to Katz Gluten Free. She says they have some very yummy foods to eat. 

Be sure to come back tomorrow for the next exciting day in the Catstacular Event!!!!


  1. Hellooo! Nice kitty reintroductions!!!! I hope you all have a fantastic catty event!

  2. Good job, Sherpa! Thanks for telling us about how you all ended up at the happy farm!

  3. The publicist has such a warm heart. I'm glad she gave everyone such a nice home. :)

  4. Hooray for the Big Cat Event Kick-off! It was nice to hear where everyone came from today. :) Such a happy story to start the day.

  5. You are all very lucky kitties to have found such a nice home! And since there are more chickens than goats or cats... it really should be the 'happy clucker farm'!

  6. Whew! What a relief. When I first saw the headline I thought it said "castacular" and I thought a cat was getting "fixed," so to speak.

    Your publicist is certainly good to you guys!

  7. What a sweet and tender story. Thank you Sherpa.

  8. So nice to meet you all and hear your stories about how you got the the farm. Lucky you!

  9. What a nice publicist to care and feed all those kitties!

  10. Sherpa, I don't remember meeting Pumpkin before - is he one of those rarities, a male tortoiseshell?

  11. nice cats. came here from Libre Tea site contest. nice blog

  12. Sherpa, you did a great job kicking off the Catstacular Event! We enjoyed learning how all of you became Farm Cats. We're glad the publicist found Stinky to get that collar off her neck and poor Harry in the street meowing made our mommy sad. But now you all are Happy Cats!

  13. What a catstacular welcome speech! Hear hear!

  14. This is fantastic. My kitties are so jealous. =D


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