Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm Packing My Bags

I've had it!
It snowed again today.
This is just too much snow for an African goat.
I want to go somewhere warm and sunny.

I have heard of a place called Arizona.
I understand it is a desert and that it is warm there.
I am going to pack my bags and head to this place.

The publicist spent some time there

She said the desert was very pretty but that I probably would not find much to eat.

I don't know - those bushes look tasty. I don't care anyway!
I just want to see the sun and be warm.
It was nice knowing you all.
I will write from Arizona.


  1. ooo, I don't know Pricilla! Aren't there a lot of prickly things in Arizona?

  2. You could always go to Texas and stay with my Aunt....she says that it is nice and warm there; I don't know what you would eat, though...hmmmm....you might want to stay right where you are! :)

  3. Of course, I'm wondering what specifically is in the bag you've packed? Grain? Hay? Certainly not clothes and a toothbrush!

  4. We don't think there's any place better than the Happy Goat Farm Pricilla! After all, that's where handsome Luke is!

  5. Oh, please don't go Pricilla. The publicist would miss you very much. It has to be sunny and warm some day...soon...

  6. My human said you could come and live in our backyard, Pricilla! There is lots to eat down there. We live in California, and although it is kind of rainy right now, it doesn't snow!

  7. "I just want to see the sun and be warm"...

    ...you read my mind. Verbatim.

  8. Better days are coming, hang tight!

  9. Pricilla, please come to South Carolina. I know it is a long ways but it is sunny here and the grass is coming up. And we have plenty of space for all of you. Sure hope that snow goes away really soon. Take care.


Maaaaaa away....


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