Sunday, March 6, 2011

Flirty Doe Marion!

Ooooh that Marion!
She has been very flirty with the boys lately.
Instead of going into the doe pen yesterday she ran right over to the buck pen and started wagging her tail at BREWSTER!

What is going on here?
Does no doe like my studmuffin any more?
I guess that is good for me.
I will have him all to myself!

Luke did not care for being ignored so he charged right up to the two little flirters!

I don't think they noticed him at first. 
Then Brewster did the goat stomp
But Luke has those horns and Brewster soon ran out of the way.

Marion, though only had eyes for Brewster!

By now the publicist was tired of waiting for her by the doe pen gate and she yelled for Marion to hop to!

Marion FINALLY ran into the doe pen.
I was getting tired of waiting too.

My poor studmuffin....


  1. Well, Luke is more manly but Brewster is cute, too!

  2. Oh Brewster, you are becoming the big stud man, but you better be careful of Luke. Marion, we think you have good taste but Luke is very handsome too. That is a hard choice.

  3. They do make a cute couple, and you get Luke all to yourself--everybody wins (except the publicist who is freezing while she waits for Marion).

  4. so marion likes the young stud muffin? it's like a regular soap opera around there.

  5. I think Marion may be called a "cougar" by some ... going after the younger guys!

  6. I think Marion and Brewster look cute together!

  7. We can see why Marion likes Brewster because he's so cute!

  8. I can't believe you still have so much snow!!!!

  9. Well, you know--some girls like the older guys and some like the younger ones. It's all a matter of taste. It's a good thing you've got a couple of hot guys to choose from! ;)

  10. Marion has it for Brewster huh :O). tee hee


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