Saturday, March 26, 2011

Catstacular Event - Sherpa Reflects....

Well there is only one day left to the Catstacular Event. After tomorrow's post I have to hand the blog back to Pricilla. I have had a lot of fun for these two weeks and I cannot believe how quickly the time has passed.

I know that Pricilla is looking forward to getting back to work. She is lucky.
She gets to go outside. 
I have to stay inside, although I was a bad boy yesterday and I escaped!

This upset the publicist because she does not want me out in the world. She is afraid that the eagle will come and get me like it did Fred.

Maybe I should get one of those Kritter Kondos.

Then I could go outside and enjoy the warm sunshine.
But then I wouldn't be able to chase the chickens. Which is another kind of cat run altogether! Me-OW!

Maybe that is what the publicist wants.
I know she does not like me to chase the chickens.

But the Kritter Kondo is very cool.
I think the pink is the pet enclosure for Stinky 'cause she is a girlcat.

Me, I need a manly looking Kondo.
I am a mancat!

Maybe I will go to the Kritters that Twitter blog and enter their Spring Fling Blog Party to win a Kritter Kondo! I wonder if they will let a cat enter....

I know I can't enter the giveaway the publicist is having on her blog....
That would be very wrong. 
But YOU can!
Head on over and you might just win your own Kritter Kondo Deluxe.


  1. i would love you to win a kritter knodo so you could lay in the sun sherpa!

  2. We certainly don't want an eagle to carry you away, so you better just wait until you can have one of those kondos.

  3. Gosh Sherpa, no more of that escaping. We sure don't want an Eagle to take you away. Yikes. We enjoyed all the cat posts and contests. But we will be glad to see Pricilla back. We have missed her. Take care.

  4. Ohhh, even though it is not very scenic here, I am glad we do not have mtn lions or eagles to carry my kitties away. That is very sad. We still have coyotes and raccoons though, and we have to come in when it gets dark.

  5. We don't have eagles here, but we do have coyotes, so we are never allowed outside. The other day, when my human was changing my litter box, she left the kitchen door ajar and we ALL wandered out! Boy, was she not happy about that. She told us to get back inside... and we OBEYED! (Well, you would have too, with the tone of voice she used!)

  6. We certainly don't want anything to happen to you or any of the Farm Cats so we're glad the publicist keeps you all inside. The Kritter Kondo would be a great way for you to safely enjoy the outdoors though. We hope we win one so we can go out on our deck with our big sisfur Sadie instead of watching her from inside.


Maaaaaa away....


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