Sunday, March 20, 2011

Catstacular Event - Review: PURRsian Rug from

It is no secret that we cats like to sleep.
A lot.
Even more than goats I think.

At night all four of us used to sleep in the bed with the publicist and male person. That got a little crowded. They hardly left any room for us cats!
It wasn't right.

I for one was very happy when the new PURRsian Rug arrived.
Finally a place for a cat to stretch out with his toy.

I love the PURRsian Rug. It is soft and has lots of room for a big cat like me.
Sometimes I have to share the rug, though.
This bothers me.

I know I should be better about these things, but I am SHERPA!

It should be mine, all MINE!
Needless to meow we really like our new rug. One of us sleeps on it every night which gives the rest of us more room in the bed.

I understand that the male person and publicist like this very much.
I hear things like, "aaaaah, room to stretch out my legs!" and "I can't believe there is actually room for two of us in bed now."

They are as happy as we are which is a good thing!
Guess what?! Somecat can win one of these great PURRsian Rugs!
Just go over to the publicist's blog to learn how.

Me, I'm going to go take a nap. You can guess where.

Disclosure:  We received this great PURRsian Rug for writing this review. I told you what I thought about it. The only other thing we received were some cat treats.


  1. That rug does look like the best ever. We don't blame you for fighting over it. Maybe you need more than just one. Just saying. Hope all of you have a great Sunday.

  2. Sherpa, Sherpa, Sherpa...don't you know that a kitty pile is a LOT warmer and more cuddly than sleeping there all alone?! What a great rug!

  3. I love the rugs and I know my kitties would love them too!

  4. The humans here have a king-sized bed, otherwise there would not be enough room for them to fit along with us cats, and I don't know where they would have to go.

  5. This Purrrsian rug definitely looks comfortable, and an excellent place to curl up on for a restful nap!

  6. Oooh, my kitties love rugs too--except they like to throw up on them. Ugh.

    Oh--Hobbes likes the spot on the rug right by the heater--it is soooo WARM. :)

  7. Sherpa, you are beautiful! But you are going to have to learn to share the rug. It is big enough for more than one. It sure is a pretty rug.

  8. Now that I see how much you cats love this rug, I know my furbabies would love to have one too! I see the enjoyment on your cute, cat faces :)!

  9. I love this review...the rug sounds great!

  10. I'm sure my mommy would put a pretty rug like that somewhere special where it's nice and warm.
    Missy (cathyh's cat)


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