Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Catstacular Event - Petfinder Adopt the Internet Day

Today is Petfinder's Adopt the Internet Day!
Being a shelter cat myself I am all in favor of shelter animals finding loving forever homes.
I am beyond happy that the male person brought me home to the publicist to be a Farm cat.

You might wonder what it is I and the other Farm cats do around here.
Well, it's a lot of very hard work! It's a Farm you know and the publicist needs us to help!

We help her sleep better by keeping her company

We help her paint

We help her with the vegetables from the garden

We help her by sometimes getting along

It's a tough life but some cats have to do it! This is why you should all get your own Farm cat today! You can find one by going to your local shelter. You can browse the gallery of pets on Petfinder.com to find some near you!

You can also find some giveaways and other information on the Petfinder site. 
If you are not ready to adopt a pet you can bet that your local shelter could use some donations - money, food or your time! I know that if I had stayed any longer in my shelter I would have loved to have someone come in and pet me and make much of me so that I would feel better about not having a forever home.

One of the publicist's readers wrote to her about another site in her comments from her post HERE.
it is like Petfinder and it is called aKeKee.

Disclosure:  I received no money or product for this post although the publicist is giving me lots of treats for all of my hard work this week.


  1. You are such good helpers! I think everybuddy could use a good Farm cat!

  2. It looks like a farm cat's job isn't much different from a city cat's job. And both work very, very hard. ;)

    Especially all that sleeping...

  3. tough job you kitties have there. teddy would like about 100 cats.

  4. What a great thing to publicize! I love my kitties and get so sad thinking about the ones waiting for homes.

  5. Yes, both times we had pets we went through a similar type service. Great message!

  6. We are farm cats too and we know just how hard the work is around here.
    We love your post, especially the part how you kitties that lived in the shelter til you found your forever home and how you loved for someone to come in and pay some attention to you. That is something anyone can do and it sure would help the shelter cats. Great post.

  7. We here at Clearwater Ranch get our furry friends (doggies here) from Rescue groups or we would get them from Shelters too! Good post!

  8. Looks like you farm cats have your work cut out for you. We have three farm cats here that were all rescues as well.

  9. You farm cats work VERY hard! I had no idea!

  10. Hmmmmmmm.........
    Farm Cat Borrower............

    Sooo, how do you think you'd look in a onesie...............?


  11. You have a lot of chores on the farm! We hope you get lots of treats for all your hard work! And we hope homeless pets find a great home or farm too!


Maaaaaa away....


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