Friday, March 25, 2011

Catstacular Event - Guest Post from Moo of Your Daily Cute

Another mancat! Not that I don't mind drooling all over staring at the ladies but it's nice to see another boy around here.

I am talking about Moo brother of Pimp from Your Daily Cute, a blog full of all things well, cute! They even have their OWN DAY on the blog called Two Cats Tuesday. We Farm cats don't get OUR own day. What is up with that? ME-ow! I think I am going to take a poll and see if you guys would want a Farm cat day on Pricilla's blog.

Just don't tell Pricilla - she would butt me! is Moo's post. Read and enjoy:

Oh, hi! My name is Moo and I live with my brother, Pimp and my mom who runs Moms likes to call me a goofball, but I can't imagine why. It's not like I do anything silly like spend my days upside down attacking my brother or shoving my nose in Mom's face for attention...

I'm so happy to be part of the Farm Cats' Catstacular Event! I get to help do a lot good things to help other animals that aren't as lucky as Pimp and me to have a good home. I used to be outside so I know what it's like. I showed up at Mom's back porch and begged for three weeks straight for her to adopt me - and she did!  She always tells me she's the lucky one, but I know I am lucky too.

Every Christmas, Mom and her friends put together Santa Paws Drive to help bring Christmas to kitties and doggies who are in shelters and won't otherwise get presents for Christmas.  We think they deserve love and holiday cheer, too!  They do it all online so everyone can donate. And they pick six shelters all around the world to donate to!  This year we even sent some to an island off the coast of Africa!

I like to get in the Christmas spirit to help support it...

Then, just last week after the earthquake and tsunami, Mom and her friends got together again to put together Paws for Japan, to help raise money to go to help the animals hurt or lost because of the disaster. So many blogs and anipal friends we have on Twitter helped out to spread the word!  Can you believe almost $40,000 has been raised to help World Vets help over there? 

Pimp and I know we're extra lucky, so we love to help out any other cats and animals we can.  And the Farm Cats and Pricilla and the rest of the goats chipped in to help too. We are very happy to know them and the publicist.

Wow! Pimp and Moo are very lucky and generous. We Farm cats were very happy to help with Paws for Japan. Pricilla is donating 10% of her soap sales through April 11th. As of yesterday the donation amount is $16.40. Woo hoo for Pricilla. I am sure it will add up over the next few weeks.

I am glad that Moo came to visit. Be sure to check out the publicist's blog where she is giving away a Kritter Kondo Deluxe. Some lucky cat will get to go outside in splendour!


  1. Moo and Pimp the the Farm Cats having their own day would be purrfect! Hehe.

    Thanks for letting Moo have a day for this event. He loved sharing his post!

  2. Moo, that was a great guest post. Love the pictures. We also think that Pricilla should let you have a barn cat day on your blog. That would be fun. Good job Moo.

  3. Oh, I LOVE Pimp and Moo!! And that was a very nice post from Pimp. :) I like how much they help other kitties and they also have really funny videos on their blog.

    I say YES to a Farm Kitty Day here!

  4. Moo and Pimp's human is so great at coming up with ways to help kitties in need! I am so glad she is part of our community.

    Of course you know I would like to see a day every week dedicated to the Farm Cats! But don't tell Pricilla - she is probably annoyed enough about Abby getting a day!

  5. What wonderful kitties! It's nice you are helping out.

  6. Moo and Pimp are very handsome and we love that they and their mom help out so many others! They are very generous and we love their blog too!


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