Friday, March 11, 2011

Bringing Out the Big Boots and a New Sponsor for the Catstacular Event

It rained ALL night.
It rained ALL morning.

All that rain made lots and lots and lots of mud.
The publicist had to bring out the big boots.

Her boots are not sick, they have poke-a-dots

She figured it was time for her mud boots.
It's a tough call because her mud boots are not very good in the snow and there is still some snow left around but she decided the mud was worse and she would be VERY careful on the snow. They are very good in the puddles, though.

There are LOTS of puddles!

At least when she is wearing her boots the mud doesn't suck them off her feet like when she is wearing her shoes. She is very happy about this...

And if the publicist is happy, I am happy!

The publicist also wants to announce a new sponsor for the Catstacular Event! The Farm cats will be reviewing the Skratchkabin on 3/27 and the publicist will be having a giveaway for one on her blog on the same day. I know the Farm cats are very excited about this.


  1. Those pokey-dotted mud boots are cute!

  2. Those are just too cute! Tell the publicist to be careful of slipping though.

  3. We should get the human a pair of those for her birthday! We have a lot of mud and snow and water here too.

  4. I saw the Skratchkabin reviewed on another blog and it looks like loads of fun!

  5. Your sweet face made us happy too Pricilla! Our mommy likes the publicists boots!

    We got to review the Skratchkabin but didn't get one to giveaway. :(

  6. Love the polka dot mud boots!! Cuteness!

  7. OOoooh, Beaded Tail got one of those Skratchcabins! It looks like fun!!

    Snappy boots, pally. I am secretly jealous of you. I want a pair!

  8. Oh those polka dots are terrific. The publicist won't lose those in the mud.
    Looking forward to the reviews and giveaway. We did see that Skratchcabin before too and it looks so neat.
    Take care and have a good week end. Stay warm all you goats.


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