Friday, March 4, 2011

AbbyDay - I Lead, They Follow

It's AbbyDay, the best day of the week.
If you ask me EVERY day should be AbbyDay.
If you ask me every day IS AbbyDay.

This is what the publicist usually sees when she comes down to take us to the barn

Yup, goats in a row and one too scared to be in a row.

Sometimes wussy Pricilla gets a little impatient waiting but who cares.

But wait!
One goat is not in a row.
That is because she is a natural born leadergoat.
She is ME!
She is AbbyGoat!
And I am in the front right by the gate,.

Where else would I be?
I would not be at the back of the pack, oh NO, not ME!
Even when we reach the barn door can you guess who is in front?

Of course you can!

Who else!


  1. What's everybody waiting in line for? Just to get in the barn?? It kinda looks like the line for the ladies room! ;)

  2. I agree with Lin -- it looks like a ladies room line. I can't stand when someone (can you say Abby?) cuts in front of the line!

  3. I think I'm in love with Abbby.

  4. Abby, I think you are the Binga of the goat world!

  5. Yes, Abby, you certainly are a lead goat!

  6. Abby, you are quite the head goat! Maybe one day the goats behind you will get apples and you won't even know it since you're our front!

  7. Abby, it looks like you are a little on the bad side. Guess someone has to do the job of leading. Poor Pricilla. Come on Marion, march on up there. Hope all you have a good week with the sun coming to visit hopefully.


Maaaaaa away....


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