Thursday, February 10, 2011

UPDATE: Christmas Tree-t

Remember the Christmas Tree-t?

Oh boy I do!
We sure had fun munching on that tasty fir.

This is what the tree-t look like now.

It is a shadow of its former self.
Wouldn't you say?
We still munch on it believe it or not.
There is still a lot of bark to nibble on.

We will work on that tree-t until it is totally stripped naked.
We are relentless goats. And hungry....


  1. Hehehe. Poor Christmas tree. As my father would say, "thats a cold tree!" I think that is some serious composting!

  2. Our goat has taught our donkeys how to chew the bark off of any logs or sticks around here. Goats really do love bark and branches etc. So we are not surprised that you demolished that tree. Good work.

  3. our goats ate our tree as well. Then a storm came through and knocked down a huge chunk of one of the long leaf pines in the yard-they ate it, too. Goats.
    Hey, a question-I am now getting about 10 gals of raw caws milk per week and am about to run out of cheese and yogurt-making steam. Do you have an easy recipe for milk soap which does not require a ton of specialty ingredients that i can play with?

  4. They did quite a number on that tree!
    I have a few more laying around our pasture they can have : )

  5. That Christmas treat tree has lasted a long time!

  6. That looks like the real way to recycle a Christmas tree!

  7. You have certainly done justice to that tree!

  8. You all really did a number on that tree. I like to see Christmas trees put to good use and I can't think of any use better than feeding you guys.

  9. I've got one in my yard, somewhere, under the snow, if you wanna come over to eat. :)


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