Saturday, February 5, 2011

Somegoat Needs to Learn Some Manners

Somegoat around here is getting too big for his horns.
He seems to think that since he is allowed to eat out of the big buck feeder.

That HE is somehow the big buck on the Farm.

He seems to think that since his beard is starting to grow.

That HE is the big buck on the Farm.
It's true.
Little Brewster needs to be taught a lesson.

Do you know what he did?
It's shocking!

He was in the buck pen eating his hay.

The publicist called to him and he ignored her!

But that is not the shocking part. Oh no!

She went in to the buck pen to have a chat with him...
He butt her right in the shin.

He maaaaed that she was "baaaathering him."
Oh boy.
Not smart.

She picked him up and gave him a maaaaing to he will never forget.
I do not think he will butt her again.
He would be very smart to learn that. She has the power to lock him up!


  1. Certainly a very baaaad boy. I hope he learned some manners.

  2. Brewster, you bad boy. You need a really big spanking. You do not want to butt the publicist or you will be very hungry. We sure hope you learned your lesson. Take care and behave yourself Brewster.

  3. Oh, Brewster. Never EVER butt the publicist. That's the first rule every young buck must learn.

  4. Brewster, it's so not a good idea to butt the publicist! She controls the grain!

  5. Adolescent goats! I hope Brewster does not grow up to be a delinquent.

  6. Oh these bucks! What are we going to do with them!

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Oh yes, he was acting much too big for his britches!


Maaaaaa away....


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