Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Snow is EATING Our Hay

Are you as shocked as I am?
Unlike Abby I decided to venture out of the barn to make sure things were A-OK.

It was a good thing I did because this is what I found...

How can the publicist allow this?
How can the male person let this happen?
This is OUR hay, not the snow's!

I stamped my hooves and told them they had better do something about it.
Just look at all that snow!

Then I got worried.
If the snow was eating the hay...

What else might it eat?

I ran back in the barn before it could eat ME!


  1. Oh no! The blob of goat-eating snow! Run, Pricilla, Run! Our paddock hay also got eaten by snow yesterday. I feel pretty confident that I'm safe because I think the snow will eat the mini horses before they eat us goats! hee hee

  2. Yes. Stay in the barn where it is safe!

  3. Oh your poor baby--bad snow, bad snow!!

  4. Oh noes! We hope that snow doesn't eat you Pricilla! Hope you all stay safe and warm in the barn!

  5. That is frightening, Pricilla! I hope we do not ever get any snow here - it is dangerous!

  6. i say stay in the barn until that scary snow goes away!

  7. That awful snow! It simply is never up to any good! Stupid, stupid old snow! I agree stay in the barn where the snow can't get you!

  8. Oh nos Pricilla. That snow was very norty. I bet the publicist was even more unhappy than you were over the snow eating the hay. That is way too much snow. It needs to quit coming there and bothering you. Stay warm you goaties.

  9. Oh, no, Pricilla. Good thing you ran back into the barn. That hay-eating snow should not be allowed.


Maaaaaa away....


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