Saturday, February 19, 2011

Snow Again?!

This is what I saw when I came out of the barn this morning

I was not a happy goat.
I really think it is time for winter to be over.
It is time for Spring!

I want to thank everyone who asked about my boo-boo

It is really nothing. Most of what you see there is the icky iodine the publicist insisted on putting on my head. I didn't want it there!
I got it because I was doing too much of this

I admit, it was not smart to butt heads with a goat with horns.
I miss my horns.
The publicist yelled at me. A lot.
She told me to stop picking on Marion the goat.

She said I was bigger and I should know better.
So I sauntered over and got some grain.

I went and basked by my goat house.

and then when the publicist was walking away I ran to the gate....

Oh, publicist! 
Take that!


  1. Hee hee hee! Pricilla, you are a goat after my own heart! My lady doesn't know how many times I've stuck my tongue out at her when she wasn't looking! I hope your head gets better soon. That iodine adds a nice touch of orange to you, I must say! Lovely! I think you should ask your Publicist for some horns that tie on your head. Wouldn't that be great?

  2. It just looks like you went to the goatie beauty shop and got some highlights! I am glad you are feeling better!

  3. Sure glad you are all right Pricilla. That Iodine looks good on you. Matches all your color. Hope you have a super Saturday.

  4. I like a devious goat. And I like your snow. MMMM, snow. We ain't got nonz.

  5. Isn't there an old saying that says if you play with the goat you'll get the horns... No, maybe that bulls.
    Oh well, I always say if you don't have horns but you play with someone who has horns you might get hurt so I'm glad you have a good in house doctor : )

  6. Love the new "do" with the orange highlights. I can relate to the head butting...I sometimes do it with my coworkers, albeit in a different style. Excellent tongue-sticking-out action! You tell that publicist who's the boss! ;-)

  7. If you're not careful, the publicist will make you work much harder as a review goat so you don't have time for retirement boredom. Glad your head isn't too bad.

  8. I am glad that you are okay. The publicist was only trying to take care of you. She didn't want you to get hurt. Although I do like the face you made at her. It is very cute.

  9. ewwwwww snow! I hope it melts right away!
    Ouch on your boo boo, hope it heals fast!

  10. Pricilla, you may not be a young goat, but you are certainly still very sassy!

  11. it is not nice to give the publicist the raspberry pricilla. just think of the iodine as makeup. it makes you stand out in the crowd. yeah snow...send some my way!!!

  12. THANK YOU for posting this! I'm glad I found your blog!!

    Common Cents

  13. You are very spunky Pricilla! But it does seem like a good idea to not headbutt a goat with horns. We hope your boo boo goes away soon!

  14. You silly goats! I hope you feel better soon, Pricilla.

    All of our snow went away this week and now it is raining to wash off all the icky dirt it left behind. I actually went out and washed some windows yesterday--they were so dirty from winter. And while it was nice to see it go away, I'm sure there is more headed our way. :(


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