Sunday, February 27, 2011

Silly Sunday - Harry "Helps" The Male Person

I'll just double check that light for you....

Do you need any help down there?

I am not sure the male person appreciated all of this "help."
Harry has been enjoying the ladder, though. He climbs it day and night.
Especially night.


  1. Harry looks like an expert helper. I bet the male person is really excited for his help!

  2. Harry, you are a pawesome snoopervisor! We hope you got lots of treats for all the work you did with the male person!

  3. He looks so agile! He's probably an excellent helper.

  4. Harry, you sure are brave to go up so high!

  5. I'm not surprised the male human may not have appreciated Harry's help - employees always get a little put-out when the supervisor is around. They are afraid they will get caught slacking off.

    (Ha-ha, and I can just hear the male human right now: "I certainly was NOT slacking off!" Just proves my point.)

  6. WOW! He is up high!! He is very brave to help like that. I wonder if you can get him to clean those lights out in a few months?

    How come they never want to help then?

  7. Cats always love to help when you don't want it. As per Lin's suggestion, just tie a little feather duster to his tail and send him up the ladder.

  8. Harry that ladder looks like the best. We would love that. Some of us go way up high and love it. We are so jealous of you Harry getting to go up that ladder.Great pictures. Take care.


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