Thursday, February 24, 2011

One Happy Goat and One Not So Happy Goat

It is STILL snowing.
And the publicist tells me that it is going to snow AGAIN tonight and we are getting something called an "Arctic blast" and the temperatures are going down to below zero.


You will recall that I was looking for Spring yesterday.
I do not think that I am going to find it anytime soon.
My studmuffin, on the other hoof does not seem as annoyed as I seem to be.
Perhaps it is because he is not an old goat.

I do not think this weather is worth doing the goat dance of joy but I am not a buck.
THIS is my opinion

In case you could not see my opinion here is a close up

ps: The publicist feels the same way!

Perhaps I will use it as my new headshot. Perhaps not. I don't think the publicist would like that. But it is my opinion and I'm standing by it.
Who is pfffftttting with me?


  1. I agree Pricilla PFFFFFTTTTTTT! We are getting icky weather today and tomorrow. PS - show more Luke leapy videos! I love them!!!

  2. You got a cute tongue, Pricilla. I think Brewster and Luke are feeling frisky!

  3. I agree with your opinion about snow! You stick to your hooves on the matter!

  4. Oh Pricilla, we are so sorry you are having such sorry weather. Glad you have such a think coat.
    Brewster and Luke sure are having a good time. Lots of running and playing, doing their goat dances. Great video. Please try to stay warm.

  5. We are all with you here too. Snow is no good, although the boys are fun to watch.

  6. I am pfffffttting with you for SURE!

  7. We are sick of snow too. I don't think the photo sticking your tongue out would be a great publicity shot. While you look adorable, people might not realize you are expressing an opinion on the snow.

  8. But think, Pricilla - you can catch snowflakes on that tongue of yours!

  9. Oh shoot, Sparkle took my line. Man, everybody is getting snowed on and arcticly blasted. Luckily for us, that means it might get down to about 27 degrees. Brrrr!!!!

  10. We got lots of snow last night but the sun is out melting it away! Sadie was all happy but she didn't do the dance of joy like Luke did!


Maaaaaa away....


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