Thursday, February 17, 2011

Nora and BREWSTER?!

It's true!
She did not want him.
The publicist set her up on a date with him to dance the salsa and she RAN AWAY.

Nora gave the publicist THE GOAT STARE OF DEATH.
She maaaaed that she wanted nothing to do with Luke.
My studmuffin was heartbroken.

The publicist was very confused.
But then she got an idea!

She invited BREWSTER in to dance.
But not the salsa, he was not ready.
They did a little waltz instead.

Nora was very happy to be dancing with Brewster.
The publicist was surprised but there is no understanding love, is there.
They were very shy about their first dance together.

But they had a lovely date.

Until Nora gave the publicist THE GOAT STARE OF DEATH again.

She wanted to be left alone with Brewster.
I can't say I blame her.

Brewster seems to be growing up to be a very romantic little buck.
Hopefully they will have had a successful waltz and there will be kids in July.
Keep your hooves crossed!


  1. That is a very lethal goat stare that Nora has! She seems to be a very nice dance partner for Brewster! I think their children will have black coats! hee hee

  2. Oh my! Our little Brewster is growing up... *sniff*

  3. Obviously Nora is a girl who knew what she wanted tee hee.

  4. Ahhh..goatie love,there is just no reasoning with it!

  5. How many dates will it take before the actual "waltz" happens??

  6. Is Luke still wearing that hat thing? That might have something to do with it.

  7. I am wondering about Luke's horns being tied up too - isn't that like showing up for a date and wearing bad fashion?

  8. We didn't even know Brewster was old enough to waltz!

  9. so brewster is in to cougars so to speak!

  10. Arranged marriages are always a little dicey. Here's hoping they waltz soon.

  11. Brewster is all grown up now. I personally think Nora is just a very independent lady. That is an impressive stare that she has.

  12. Brewster, your very first date. Wowser and such a pretty lady too. We cannot wait to see little Brewster babies. Poor Luke. Bet he is dumbfounded. Hope all of you have a super Friday.


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