Monday, February 7, 2011

Marion the Goat Maaas, "I'm Doing OK!"

Marion the goat wanted to let you all know that she is doing OK!

Her little goat world was rocked on its side when her nanny and her brother went away.

Suddenly she had no family in the pen.
She felt like she had no-one.
She had always had her nanny to protect her.

Now she was gone!
But Marion is a tough goat and she has now adjusted to being the only Toggendwarf on the Farm. 

She figures that makes her SPECIAL!

I am not so sure since I now have to share a pen with her.
I think I should have my own pen.
But that is neither here nor there.

Marion is doing A-OK and that is what is important.



  1. Oh, Marion, you are lovely! I think we need more Marion stories here.

  2. Marion keep ur head up! I love dwarfs goats!

  3. yes that is important, and we all know you really dont mind sharing your pen with her. deep down you like looking after everyone!

  4. Such lovely pictures of Marion! She is very photogenic. I think there should be MarionDay instead of AbbyDay sometimes.

  5. Well....since there are 7 days.....we could have 7 goat days......
    *Pricilla Day
    *Abby Day
    *Marion Day
    *Publicist Day

    The list is endless..........

    ps. Right, Pricilla. You are a very toleran....I mean, kind goat. :)

  6. We're glad Marion is doing okay after her family went to another farm. She is such a pretty little goat! It's nice of you to share your pen with her Pricilla!

  7. I am glad that Marion is doing okay - it must have been hard having her family move away.

  8. Good to hear that Marion is doing well. It's tough when you have to grow up and be without your Maaaa.

  9. Good news, glad she adjusted OK. She sure is a pretty goat!


Maaaaaa away....


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