Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mad Dash for APPLES!

Yesterday you saw that the publicist brought us some yummy apples.
Well guess what?
She brought us some more today!

Are we the luckiest goats EVER?!
She knew we would be excited so she had the male person let us out of our pens.

We ran like the wind to get up to the barn.

Of course that Abby got there first but it didn't matter because we don't get the apples until we are all in our pens.
The boys didn't care though - they were up on their spool maaaaaing for APPLES!

Then the male person let them loose.
Run Brewster, RUN!

Into the barn they ran.

But what's this?

The publicist forgot to unlock Luke's pen!
Oh no!
But she soon fixed it and we all had our apples.

She told us that that was the end of them though, and we wouldn't be having any more for a while. Oh, well. They were delicious while they lasted.


  1. MMMMMMM! I'm jealous! Say, Pricilla....does Brewster run in that cute way that Luke does? Hop hop hop boink boink boink? hee hee

  2. It is so cool to see you run, run, running like the wind for apples!

  3. That is a great picture of Brewster and Luke on the spool! Brewster has some growing yet to do to catch up with Luke!

  4. I agree, that is the cutest picture of Brewster and Luke together on the spool. Also what fun seeing them all running like crazy for the apples. Silly goats. Pricilla, you sure have your winter coat on which is great. We don't want you to get cold. And look at you running too. Good stuff.

  5. You are all lucky goats! Your publicist certainly does treat you well.

  6. i think we have a new sport here. the 20 yard apple dash!

  7. I think I could hear their hooves pounding on the ground in that mad rush for apples!

  8. What lucky goats you all are! Me, I might run like that for salmon...

  9. We can see why you all are such happy goats! The publicist and the male person are so nice to give you yummy apples!

  10. I know the goats here just love the pears they get. No apple trees here or I bet they would love those as well! You guys are lucky goats!

  11. Oh, that was a workout!! I'll say you all deserved your apples. ;)


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