Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Love is in the Air

Ever since Brewster had his waltz with Nora the goat he has been mooning over her.
It's true!
He cries like a baby goat when she leaves the barn.
He stands all day in his pen and just stares at our pen hoping to get a look at her.

If he sees her he gets all excited and does the goat dance of joy.
It is rather cute.

How does Nora feel about this?
Well, she has had her waltz and she figures she doesn't need little Brewster any more.
She just looks over once and a while from faaaaaar back in the doe pen...

....and she sighs.
I think she would rather wish he didn't care.
Silly Brewster!
First love is the hardest, isn't that right?


  1. Nothing like your first love....

  2. Little Brewster is in love :O).

  3. That is so sweet! Obviously she left quite the impression:)

  4. Poor Brewster. He is so adorable. He needs to move on to someone who will return his attentions.

  5. You always remember your first.......

  6. Nora sounds like a "love 'em and leave 'em" kind of girl. But with Brewster being so cute and all, she'll probably change her mind ... in about a year or so.

  7. Don't worry, Brewster - there are more where she came from!

  8. Poor Brewster! It'll be hard to forget his first love until the next love!

  9. Oh Brewster, you poor guy. Not to worry there will be others coming along. But that Nora is so pretty. You just didn't know how much fun life was going to be. You are one handsome dude. Take care.

  10. Yes, that first love is forever love. Hope she doesn't completely break his heart.

  11. Awwww, poor Brewster. Maybe Nora will one day give him another waltz in the hay?


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