Thursday, February 3, 2011

I'm Shaking Off Winter To Think About Spring

It's true!
Would you like to know why?
Because the publicist has told me I am going to work as a ReviewGoat again.
While I am feeling lazy these days and don't really want to work I suppose if I get some extra treats it will be worth it.  She just better get something for ME this time or Abby can take over this gig.

But back to Spring.
It's coming you know. At least that's the rumor.
I wouldn't know it from the weather we have been having.
It was 0* degrees this morning.
THAT is chilly.

So I think myself warm by thinking of Spring.
The kids will be here and it will be fun around this Farm again.
I told the publicist that the kids need something to play on.
Something other than us nannies.

We are tired of being jumped on all the time.
I told her we needed swing sets for kids!
Can you imagine how much fun they would have on one of these?

I can see the little goatlings running all over and just having the best time!
I have also seen several videos with kids and big goats having fun on...

Yes, trampolines!
I, of course would never do such a thing.
I have my dignity.
But Abby and the kids would have a blast.

Heh, Abby......

I would like to say Happy Birthday to the publicist's brother Kevin. I hope he has a wonderful day today.

Disclosure:  The publicist will be receiving a gift code to She will hopefully get me something I like to review. She will probably get herself something and make me review it anyway. Harumph!


  1. I think the swing set might be more fun if the goatlings had opposable thumbs. The trampoline is a lot of fun. Do goats like to bounce?

  2. Take it from me and Darla.....goats DO bounce.......(luckily!)

    What fun, Pricilla!
    And let's all make an extra wish for Spring to come early!


  3. I think a jungle gym for the kids would be perfect! I hope the publicist gets something good for a goat to review. You deserve it for all the hard work you do around the farm.

  4. I guess the publicist saw Daily Cute with the baby goat bouncing off the trampoline. We just know that Brewster would love that especially if the publicist showed him how. LOL. Abby can come here anytime she wants to. It might be a long trip for her though.

  5. i would love to see what you all would do with a swing set. i bet you would put it to good use!

  6. Oh my god I can barely type, my fingeres are so c-c-c-cold!

    Spring? I want spring!

  7. bet they would have fun on the slide!

  8. Pricilla, that is no fair! The publicist needs to get YOU something if you have to review it, not something for herself that you have to pose with! I went through the same thing with my human, so I know whereof I speak. I have finally gotten her to only have me model with cat stuff, but it took some effort.

  9. The kids would love those but we think being a review goat means you should get lots of things made specifically for you! Like big bowls full of grain!

    Happy Birthday to the publicist's brother!

  10. Goats on trampolines...too funny to imagine since the kids already kind of boing boing boing around! Love it!


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