Monday, February 14, 2011

I Need a Trip to the Goat Spa

It's true.
I am looking a little bit shaggy.

It is because it has warmed up a bit, then gotten cold and then warmed up again.
My fur does not know what to do. And I itch!

My warm underfur is starting to fall out and it is catching all manner of hay.

It is NOT a good look for a famous SpokesGoat.

The publicist has been brushing me but as you can see....

It is not working.
I think she should send me to the Caprine Spa and Salon for  professional attention.
What do you think?

I would like to wish all of my readers a very Happy Valentine's Day. You are all sweethearts to me!


  1. Ooo! I think a Valentine's spa treatment is a great idea! I'm kind of having the same problem here, Pricilla! I think you look lovely as ever, especially with hay tidbits sprinkled throughout your glorious fuzz! kiss kiss kiss!

  2. goaties will want to go to a spa too!

  3. Everyone needs a little TLC now and then. Keep pushing for the spa trip!

  4. I think you look fabulous but I am always in favor of a spa trip. I hope it doesn't get cold now that your undercoat is starting to fall out.

  5. That's how I look!
    We could go to the spa together, I'll drive :)

  6. A visit to the spa sounds like a wonderful idea!

  7. Absolutely!
    That's where Darla gets her French manicures!
    Book right away! A spokesgoat deserves to be pampered!


  8. i say just find a good tree trunk and rub away!

  9. I swear I learn more about goats from you than anyone else. I didn't know you had this extra fur thing going on!

    Happy Valentine's Day, Pricilla!

  10. As a spokesgoat, spa days should be expected and not just wished for!

    P.S. Happy Valentine's Day!

  11. I bet that is miserable!
    I hope you are having a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  12. A spa treatment is certainly necessary for a famous Spokesgoat like you Pricilla!

    Happy Valentines Day to all of you at the Happy Goats farm!

  13. I do think you deserve a day at the spa. After all, you've been working hard as a spokesgoat and a review goat all winter long!

  14. Pricilla, I think the shagg look is "in" this spring, so you should be fine until all the winter is off of you. Do you have a nice tree you can rub up on & get a good scratch? I hope you got some good fruits or fresh greens for V-day!

  15. Pricilla, you don't look bad at all. You just have extra hair because you have been around a few more years than the other goats. Horses will do that. As they get older, they get thicker and thicker coats. Our goat is itching too. We think you are gorgeous.


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