Monday, February 28, 2011

Guess What I Saw Today?!

I was very excited.
I will bet you would be excited if you saw one too!
The publicist saw it and took pictures through her window.

It was the Bald Eagle!

He was sitting in the tree in MY yard.
Then he decided to fly away.
He jumped...

And he dived

And he soared

And then he went to the other side of the river!

Isn't that exciting?
I think so. If he is on the other side of the river he won't come and bother me.
Heh heh

The chickens were happy too. A red tailed hawk ate one of the hens last week and they have been a little bit scared lately. Red tailed hawks are sometimes called chickenhawks!


  1. ooooo! I hope that big bird doesn't come down to see you too close, Pricilla! He's lovely!

  2. Oh wow, how amazing to see a bald eagle!

  3. Oh my! He is lovely!! I'd be very excited to see him in my yard, although I would worry about all the little creatures.

    If you have problems with hawks, I can send Emma to help scare them off. She's kinda good at that.

  4. That eagle is so beautiful! Do eagles eat chickens? I would guess not since you said the chickens were happy. I would think they would be scared if the eagle was a threat.

  5. We just had a scare over the weekend with a huge hawk and Daisy, Oopsie's new kid! All if fine but darn those hawks!

    The Eagle was beautiful.

  6. Bald eagles are truly amazing. I saw one last week too -- while I was looking out the window seated in a dentist's chair!

  7. It's just beautiful! But yes, stay away from the farm!

  8. my friend that lives way up north from you in powell river, bc has so many bald eagles that people hate them. they eat all of the salmon! they sure are beautiful though!

  9. Bald eagles look unreal! I would never want to be near one myself - I am just the size to be picked up and taken away by one!

  10. Very beautiful. I'm sure the chickens were relieved when it left. Glad there aren't goathawks!

  11. The eagle is very beautiful! We're glad he made an appearance but went across the river before doing any harm to any critter at your happy farm! Now if only the hawks do the same.

  12. Wow, that is so exciting to see a bald eagle. Glad he went away before taking any animals there. That is too bad a darn hawk got one of the chickens. Those hawks are devils. Hope all of you have a fun day.


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