Sunday, February 6, 2011

Freedom! Freedom! At Least for a Little While

The other day the publicist was in the pen bringing us minerals and while all the other goats were trying to trample her to get to them I ran out!

It's true!
She didn't even realize I was gone.
Well, that's not true.
She saw me in the male person's garden.

I was munching on the old plants.

Mmmmm, dried plant.
She told me I had to go back to the doe pen.

I maaaaed NO WAY!
I was free
and I was going to stay that way.

I made a run for it.
I was going to explore!
I went over to the chicken house. It's a good place to find some GRAIN!

Hey rooster! Where's the grain?

I know you have it here somewhere.
But the publicist caught up to me and was trying to herd me back to the pen.

NO! NO! I will not GO!

There is more exploring to do.
I fooled her into thinking I was a good goat but trotting back towards the pen but...

I went to explore the bits of wood and bark left over from when the male person chopped the wood.

Mmmmm, bark.

I guess I just wanted some snacks.
But by now the publicist caught me around the collar and I was done.
I ended up back in the pen.

Eating minerals like the rest of the does.
Not so bad, I guess.
But my run for freedom was sure fun while it lasted....


  1. You sure are brave and beautiful, Pricilla! I just love the different colors in your coat! Next time you get out why don't you try running up to the yurt and peek in the windows!!! Tee hee. xxxx oooo

  2. Oh Pricilla, you had such a good time. It looks to us like you are getting plenty to eat but we know goats, they are always hungry. We loved watching you on your big escape. Take care.

  3. Freedom is always fun! Don't they know we'll go back where we belong when it's dinner time. We just want to browse a bit.

  4. You have to get a taste of it while you can!

  5. Now really you should not run the publicist all over the ranch! We humans need to get out do our chores and get back in where its warm, we do not have fur ya know lol..

    Hey gal been meaning to say thank you for the side bar button :O).

  6. way to go pricilla....freedom is a good thing. for a little while at least!

  7. Pricilla, you could star in "Does gone wild!"

  8. Even a senior goat like you needs some adventure, Pricilla!

  9. I don't blame you, Pricilla. Following the rules can be boring. :)

  10. Your adventure looked like fun Pricilla. There are lots of things to explore and taste all over the farm ite seems.

  11. Goats were born to misbehave a little...that's why they have horns! :)


Maaaaaa away....


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