Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Chickens Need to Learn Some Manners

It's true!
Since they are "free range" they well range where ever they want.
This means that we goats often find a chicken in our goat pens.
We do not approve of this AT ALL!

Yesterday Luke and Brewster went into their pen and saw this.

Yes, your eyes do not deceive you.
Chickens are eating their hay.
Not really the hay but the seeds in the hay.
Not the chicken's!

Then. Then poor little Brewster found that he had to share his grain with a chicken.

We should not have to share our grain with any animal.

I cannot believe this is allowed to happen.
I think those boys should butt those chickens.

On a happy note I and all of the Happy Goats would like to wish the publicist and the male person a very Happy Anniversary. They have been married for 29 years.


  1. happy anniversary, guys! Pricilla, you make sure the gang gives them a break today so they can kick back and enjoy each other, okay?

  2. Happy Anniversary! We have a similar problem at out place only with ducks! They fly over the fence and"use" Butter Bean's and Mr.Tumnus' water... I am really surprised Bean doesn't send them flying!

  3. Happy Anniversary to the beans. Hope they have a super day and many more.
    Brewster, give those silly chickens a nice soft butt and just move them right on out of there. That is your food. Take care.

  4. Congrats Happy Anniversary!

    Those chickens are getting around aren't they!

  5. Ooo! I'm glad our chickens live up at my lady's house in the back yard. That way they are not bothering ME! Happy anniversary to The Publicists!!!! kiss kiss kiss!

  6. Happy anniversary to the publicist and "what's his name"! hehe

  7. Happy Anniversary to the humans! We have to share our hay with the geese! They get nasty when we just try to eat OUR hay.

  8. Our chickens think they own the place too :)

  9. Wow, Pricilla, your humans have been married a long time - nearly two cat lifetimes!

    BTW, I LOVE free range chicken(s). If yours get too annoying, you can send them my way! Yum!

  10. Happy Anniversary! 29 years is a long time! Here's to 29 more. :)

  11. Happy Anniversary to the publicist and male person!

    We can understand why the chickens would want to be with the cute bucks but it isn't nice of them to eat their grain!

  12. Poor goaties, I don’t blame you for being upset with the chickens stealing your food. They have plenty of bugs to eat I am sure. Happy Anniversary to the publicist and hubby :)


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