Friday, February 25, 2011

AbbyDay - I am Not a Stupid Goat

Why, if I look out the barn door and see this....

...would I even THINK about leaving my warm, dry barn?

I wouldn't!

I am a smart goat.
There is hay in my barn.
There is grain in my barn.
There is water in my barn.

There is NO SNOW in my barn.
Therefore, I stayed in my barn!


  1. I'd love to stay in my barn today too, goat friend. :( I am very tired of the snow as well.

  2. I always said that Abby was a SMART goat! I think I'll stay in my 'barn' today too since it's suppose to rain and snow on us too!

  3. I have to agree with you. I want to do the same thing when I look outside and see snow. Of course, that would mean I would be stuck in the barn for a month.

  4. teddy is not a stupid goat....errr...pup either. she is sleeping on the nice warm hall carpet right now!

  5. oh ya girly, stay in the barn!

  6. You are right, Abby! Why would anygoat want to go out there?

  7. You are a smart goat! I would not leave the barn if I were you!
    But some of our cats want to go outside in the snow anyway. Cajsa-Cat will check outside to see if the snow has disappeared in the last hour. At least a couple of times a day. Finally she understands that it will not go away that quickly.
    Great post!
    Best wishes,
    Anna's ABC-F and AT-T: Tooth-Faerie

  8. You are a very smart goatie! Now if only my cats were as smart as you!!! ;)

  9. You are a very smart goat to stay in your barn with all that hay and grain instead of venturing out in that snow!

  10. Oh, you are very smart for staying in your barn Abby. I do think the Publicist needs to clear away that snow for you.

  11. Why leave hay and grain for snow? Lots of snow?!

  12. Um I can't say I would go outside either....

  13. Abby, you are a very smart goat. When we had the snow a while back, we never left the barn for three days. The gate was open but we weren't going out in that stuff. Hope that darn snow goes away soon. Take care and stay warm.


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