Friday, February 4, 2011

AbbyDay - Am I a Sexy Beast?

I am starting to be a famous goat just like Pricilla.
She is not the only one on this Farm.
I was called to be a CoverGoat for a magazine but I am not sure.

Do you think I am a Sexy Beast?
I think I am more of a Fierce Beast.
I am not so concerned with the cover.
It is the inside that worries me.
I will have to think about it.

I think best when I am eating.

I cleared out the goat house and went to munch on some yummy hay.

Mmmmm, hay.
What was my problem again?

Oh, yes. The magazine.
They want me to show....

That is not ladylike AT ALL.

I think I will give them the goat stare of death and butt them away.

What maaaaa you?

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  1. You are sexeh! But I do not think you should show your udders in a magazine. That would be a little bit Wrong.

  2. to show ones udders or not? it is always a dilemma!

  3. I can't believe they want you to bare your udder! Shocking!

  4. Hey Lady, link up with us if you can--this is a perfect post and so many would love it!! ;)

  5. That is UDDERLY shocking!

    (BUt you ARE a sexy beast!) ;)

  6. Im not sure...Pricilla has some pretty good atti-TUDE. Not sure there is room for TWO famous goats. hehe Have a good weekend!

  7. Yep baring your udder sells magazines apparently, you see it with humans as well. But do you reallllly want the whole world to see your udder? I know they probably offered you a ridiculous amount of grain to do this but do you really want to?

  8. Show your UDDER? I don't think you are that kind of goat, Abby!

  9. We don't think you have to show your udder to be sexy Abby. Some things are just best left to the imagination!

  10. I think you are definitely a sexy beast! You give them a good butt if they ask you to expose those udders :) LOL

  11. hi there, i just found you from farm friend friday! ah, your goat is so sweet and she is a cover girl for sure! i love the shapes of your soaps. so different and very cute!

  12. hi there! i just found you from farm friend friday. i commented earlier but i dont think it went thru. your little girl goat is a cover girl indeed! she is precious!

  13. Abby, you certainly can be sexy and NOT show your udder. That is just nuts that they want you to do that. Your fans say you don't have to do that. Too funny especially all the comments.

  14. You're too sexy for your buck, Too sexy for your buck, bucks going to leave you.
    *Cue Music*


Maaaaaa away....


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