Monday, February 21, 2011

Abby is Getting Cranky

Well, Abby is always cranky but she is even crankier now that she is getting close to having her kid(s). I mean she is getting to be an erm, big goat.

heh heh
You didn't hear ME say that.
Otherwise she would butt me.

If you look closely at her horns you will see MY fur stuck on her horns.

Do you know how it got there?
Of course!
She butt me!
She butt me several times.

So my shaggy underfur that I am shedding is now stuck on her horns.

She looks so funny.
Ha ha ha to her.
That's what she gets for butting me!

Happy President's Day to all of you humans out there. I hope you enjoy your day off if you have one.


  1. Abby needs to try to learn to lay eggs, like I'd like to do... then she wouldn't lose her girlish figure when having baby goats. I have fur stuck to my horns too, but it's my own! Horns make great back scratchers.

  2. butting people was the least of what i did when i was pregnant!

  3. Maybe you could tape some brushes to Abby's horns, and when she butts you, you can get a nice grooming in!

  4. That bad Abby shouldn't be butting you, Pricilla. Sometimes other goat do pick on the more mature goats. We had a more mature goat here and the other three goats picked on her all the time. But we sure don't want anyone picking on you Pricilla. Can't wait to see Abby's children. Take care.

  5. Those pregnancy hormones make you do crazy things, that's for sure. Glad you have a sense of humor about getting butt.

  6. You should have that tuft of hair DNA tested ... Abby may have butted more than just you Pricilla!

  7. I bet there are uncomfortably pregnant humans who feel like butting someone too.

  8. Yes, we have some around here that get crabby and cranky when they are expecting. Good luck avoiding her for now.

  9. Having been pregnant, I can totally understand how Abby feels. I only wish I had horns when I was expecting. It would probably be very satisfying to butt someone. Who am I kidding, it would be satisfying to butt someone now.

  10. Abby is pretty pregnant but it's not nice of her to butt you. Why are the other goats picking on you lately Pricilla? Or is it that you are picking on them? Hmmm


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