Sunday, January 9, 2011

Will The Snow EVER Stop Falling?

I thought today would be a nice day.
I really did.
The sun even peaked out for a bit.
In between the rain drops.

Then it started to snow!
What a day.

The publicist hoped to have video of little Brewster for you but her video camera is acting up. She is trying to figure out what is wrong. Hopefully tomorrow.

So for now you can see how we looked in the snow.

Brewster hid under his spool.

I can't say that I blame him.

My studmuffin hid in his house.

I would hide in his house too, if I could.
(The publicist is reminding me to behave myself.)

We did go up to the barn a bit early because of the snow.
This was good because that meant we got our grain early.

Mmmm, grain!
The publicist even gave us a treat - APPLES!
So I guess the snow wasn't TOO bad.

Abby led the way.

She had on her goat stare of death face.
I wouldn't get in her way, would you?

Then came Sarah and me.

Then out came Mallory, Marion and Kringle.
Mallory and Marion had to stop and visit with the boys.

Kringle was just looking around at the falling snow.

I think he even tried eating a snowflake.

How cute!

Nora snuck up when no one was looking.
We all ended up snug and warm in our barn.
There is supposed to be more snow tomorrow.
It IS better than rain....


  1. Pricilla, how naughty of you! Snuggling with Luke in the goat house! Tee hee. Sounds fun to me. Maybe you can sneak over there and run in when your lady isn't looking! Woo woo!

    That photo of Brewster trying to catch a snowflake makes my lady want to get goat babies.

  2. WEll at least we got a glimpse of Brewster. He looks so much bigger or fatter or maybe he is just fluffing out his fur to stay warm. But he doesn't look like a baby any more, darn it. He can still come live here though, but it would be a very long walk. Hope all of you have a good Sunday.

  3. Sorry your sunshine went away again. We're supposed to have snow again--a lot. Kringle does look so cute in the snow!

  4. The snow may be annoying, but it does provide a nice contrast to your lovely coat, making the photos very pretty!

  5. grain and apples always makes snow more tolerable!

  6. Kringle's markings are so symmetrical and it almost looks like a shadow face in the second to last picture... beautiful... but, of course, snow is necessary to give the land enough moisture to help the trees and plains... you must think of everyone, not just yourself, Missy... Come visit when you get warm...

  7. That's too bad your sun didn't last and was followed by snow! But apples in the barn would be nice too. Brewster is sure growing up!

  8. Grain. Apples. Snow. Such a foreign world! Mine is: Chicken. Bird TV. Floor heater.

  9. I don’t blame you for wanting to snuggle in the goat house-who wouldn’t on a day like this? As always, little Kringle is just adorable! I bet the apples were a wonderful treat on such a snowy day :) Stay warm girls.

  10. Brewster is getting so big! Look at him! The Stud Muffin is looking very handsome. What does Kringle think of the snow?

  11. Snow is better than rain any day! At least it looks pretty for a few days.

  12. I hear ya on the snow. We are do not like snow here either!

    I am telling you that Kringle just has cuteness stamped all over him!!


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