Thursday, January 20, 2011

The Sun! The Sun! We All Saw the Sun!

We were such Happy Goats yesterday!
Why you ask?
The SUN came out!
The sun! We have not seen the sun in WEEKS.

We did also wake up to new snow on the ground but I did not even mind because the SUN was out. It was beautiful. It was bright. It was yellow. It was THE SUN!!
Can you tell I was just a little bit excited?

I did my favorite thing to do in the sun.

I basked.

I basked ALL DAY LONG.

I basked in my favorite basking place.
I did not share it either.

I know that might sound mean but I am an old goat and I think the other goats knew I needed my time in the sun.
I even fell asleep.

I am embarrassed the publicist took this photo.
It's like when you humans drool in your sleep.

Please excuse me while I try and butt her.


  1. Oh ,I know how you goaties feel! We finally got a day of sunshine yesterday too...I may have done a little basking myself!

  2. We have more snow forecast lotsa snow and wind.... NO sun here today! so enjoy yours, I'm envious!

  3. Isn't it great when the sun finally shines??! It's so warm and it just makes your spirit soar! Please send it here, okay?

  4. Yes the sun came out here too for a few hours!! I could have planted myself to bask as well, except it wasn't quite warm enough for me to do so... and its okay you didn't share, Queen of the herd gives you special ranking on such things!

  5. You are such a superior basker -- the other goats must be envious of your skills!

  6. i am glad you sun loving goaties finally got some! i hate sun and i am so happy because another snow storm is on it's way. i like to bask in the snow.

  7. Ugh, rain, rain, rain and more rain in Oregon :(
    I love seeing some Montana sunshine though : )

  8. Pricilla, I think you earned your bask!

  9. Yes,how very rude that she nosed up into your basking time!

  10. I think you are a Beautiful Basker, Pricilla! (even with your little tongue showing - tee hee)

    kiss kiss kiss

  11. Pricilla-
    re: your world domination are a VERY funny goat!

    Enjoy the sun!


  12. I am so happy you got to bask in the sun! What a great day, Yes, I think you should butt the publicist for publishing such a picture.

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  14. Pricilla, we know just how much goats love the sun. Our goat won't even come eat if there is some good sun to bask in. You look very pretty in those pictures Pricilla, even when you were asleep. Hope all of you have a terrific week end.


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