Saturday, January 15, 2011

Shocking Photos!

I hope your eyes are ready for this.
I am going to show you something you have never before seen on this blog.

It's true.
It has finally warmed up enough for Kringle to go out without his goatcoat.
THIS is what he looks like au natural...

What do you think?
I think he is cute.

He was very hard for the publicist to photograph.
Mallory kept getting in the way.
That or he wanted a drink.

We forget that he is still a little kid.
He is fun to have around though.
He makes us laugh.

It is good to have kids around. It keeps us old goats young.
Tomorrow I will show you Brewster and Luke playing!


  1. Woo woo! Hi Naked Kringle!! You know, I see a chicken design on his left side. I'm thinking Luke must have had a secret love affair with a bird sometime in his past since a couple of his kids have birdie markings on them. Tee hee.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That Kringle,he sure is a cutie! Even when he is naked!

  4. *hee-hee*
    Oh, you DO keep me going in my goatless world! I needed that laugh today! :)

    Stay warm!

  5. oh are a real beauty. i love your markings!

  6. what a cutie .. and such nice markings!

  7. Oh nooos Kringle is naked. Guess it is time you showed us your body Kringle and you are one cute dude. But we still love Brewster. Can't wait to see his pictures tomorrow. Glad he and Luke are friends now. Glad you got to be naked Kringle. Have a fun day.

  8. Nothing cuter than a naked baby picture! He is adorable.

  9. Are you gonna stick that naked baby photo in his baby book and show it to his girlfriend when he gets older?? ;)

  10. Oh my baby Kringle prancing around for a nudie photo shoot. He’s growing up so fast :( I just love him and he is adorable in the nude :) LOL

  11. He is precious! And I agree with Isobelle -- there is a chicken design on his side!

  12. My human LOL'd at Lin's comment!

  13. We thought Lin's comment was funny too and we think Kringle is very cute naked! We just love his little nose and little hooves!

  14. What a cutie! I like his face stripes- of course I could see them even when he wore a coat.

  15. Naked or coated ... cute as a bug he is!!...


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