Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sarah is Ready for Her Close Up

The publicist came out to the doe pen to see how we were doing.
Sarah the goat ran up to the gate.
She really loves the publicist.

You see, the publicist bottle fed Sarah and even though I am Sarah's nanny I think she thinks the publicist is her nanny. She follows the publicist around and maaaaas at her. She cuddles up to her when the publicist is around and gets upset when the publicist leaves.

It's rather cute.

The publicist was trying to get pictures of Sarah but she just wanted get close.

So close she fogged up the camera lens!
Silly Sarah!

The publicist didn't care 'cause she loves Sarah too.

She thought the pictures were pretty funny and thought you would too.

Nothing like a little chuckle on a Saturday morning.

Sarah is, indeed, ready for her close up!

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  1. Oh Dear....the nose close up is to die for! :)

    Nothin' like pure, sweet goat lovin'!

  2. The human gets a lot of those close up pictures too. She knows it's because she's loved, just like you all love your publicist.

  3. Sarah is lovely, Pricilla! She looks a lot like you! My lady also liked those closeups. She kept making, "awww" noises.

  4. Sarah, you sure do like those close ups. They are terrific. You look like a very cute goat. All of you have a fun day today.

  5. Sarah is a cutie! We loved the close ups and they did make us smile!

  6. i would like to kiss that cute little nose!

  7. Sarah is very cute! She is such a happy goat!

  8. Oh, pleasepleaseplease post that second to last one on the Cute's Facebook page for Face of Cute Monday. Pleeeease!

    She is adorable. And VERY close up. :)

  9. Sarah is a beauty. I would love to give her a bottle and snuggle her too :)

  10. Sarah you are too cute. Love the close ups and hope we get more of them.


Maaaaaa away....


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