Sunday, January 2, 2011

A New Year!

I can't believe it's a new year on the Farm.
The publicist is not feeling well so I am just going to show you my very first post.
I hope it makes you smile.
I have come a long way as a blogging goat:

Greetings all. I am Pricilla; the spokesgoat for Happy Goats Soap. I have decided it was time for me to maaaaa and let everyone know what life is like for a goat. I mean we are a neglected species. How many goat bloggers are there really? So with the help of my publicist/udder massage specialist I will be spreading the word about life on the Happy Goats farm and with the other goats here; Abigail, Michael and Luke.

I won't have much to say tonight as it is late and I am tired, being pregnant and all but I did want to get started and introduce myself. The photo shows me with my publicist/udder massage specialist, Patty. She takes really good care of me and brings me lots of treats. I love apples and carrots by the way..... I am a little embarrassed by the photo. Patty made me wear a necklace for some crazy photo contest she was entering so please excuse her.

Aren't I gorgeous?

Hopefully I will have more computer time tomorrow.


  1. That's wonderful Pricilla! What a lovely photograph! I want a glamour shot too! Tee hee. I hope your Publicist feels better very soon!!

  2. I hope the publicist feels better soon. It was nice to see your first post. I don't think I ever read it.

  3. You still are gorgeous! I hope the publicist feels better soon so you can get more apples and carrots.

  4. it was nice to read your first post! you are a good goat blogger. i sure hope the publicist gets better soon!

  5. I hate it when the publicist isn't feeling well. Hopefully a day of rest will renew her.

  6. Ohhh dear..hope your publicist is feeling better soon. Keep her smiling, which I'm sure you do and she will feel better in no time at all. And OMGOSH are adorable.


  7. You have come a long way from that post, Pricilla, and so has the blogosphere - there seem to be more goats on here now! I hope the publicist feels better soon!

  8. We think that's a beautiful photo of you and the publicist! Your farm has added several more happy goats since that post too.

    We hope the publicist feels better very soon!

  9. So lovely, Pricilla! Hope the publicist is back on her feet soon :) Buon anno to all!

  10. Gosh, are sorry the publicist is sick. That isn't any fun. Great picture of you Pricilla and the publicist. We like that fancy necklace. Hope Mom is feeling better soon.


Maaaaaa away....


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