Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kringle is a ReviewGoat! He Reviews His GoatCoats

Little Kringle is being put to work.
I know!
At his young age.
The publicist is a tough one...but I think he will survive.
He got his first taste of grain yesterday.
So without further ado, I turn the blog over to Kringle the goat....

Hi everyone!
Kringle here. I wanted to tell you how much I like my goatcoats.
I am very thankful that the publicist had them made for me.
It's been very cold since I have been born and I think I would have frozen my little tail off if it hadn't of been for my soft goatcoats.

They were made by Texan and they are made of something called fleece.
I tried to eat them but they don't taste good.
Grain is good though.
Mmmm, I had my first taste yesterday and can't wait to have more.
The publicist said if I did a good job today I could have more.
Be sure to tell her I did a good job, OK?

I have worn all four of the goatcoats that Texan sent:



and even Pink

Just because I am a boy goat doesn't mean I can't wear pink.
I look quite cute in pink if I do maaaa so myself.
I like that they say Happy Goat Farm on them so I know where I live.
It's hard when you are little to remember all the stuff you are taught.

Texan sewed them really well. I can run and hop and play and they stay together. The publicist has washed them all and they don't shrink at all. They still look brand new.

I am very, very happy with them. I like them all but the red is my favorite.

I am very excited to tell you that if you go to Texan's blog you can WIN A GOATCOAT!
She will even embroider your Farm name or pet name on it.
These coats will also fit a small dog. Just don't let the dog near me.
Texan sells these nice coats too. She will take orders and put your Farm or pet name on them. 

So go on over and check out the giveaway. 
I think all little kids should have a goatcoat!
Bye everyone! Thanks for reading my review. Be sure to tell the publicist I did a good job so I can have more grain!

Disclosure:  Kringle received a little taste of grain for maaaing this review. No one else received any other type of payment writing this post.


  1. Gee, Kringle, I can't say which coat color I like best on you, but I'm leaning towards that brilliant blue!

    What a lucky goat you are to have all four colors!!!

  2. Kringle, you are a good model and you look good in all of the colors. I like the blue color best, too!

  3. I'm with Daisy--I like the blue best! I wonder if Hobbes would wear a little coat like that? Or if they even make them that big?! ;)

  4. Kringle,you did goatie-terrific ! I have 2 of those great coats and love them! Texan is an A plus seamstress !

  5. Kringle did an excellent job, but I think there might be kid labor laws about putting him to work so young.

  6. Kringle,
    I am very glad that you have these goatcoats to keep you warm. You look really cute in them. Is it easy for the publicist to get them on you? It seems like it would be difficult if you do not cooperate.

  7. Kringle, I am so glad you have enjoyed your coats! I am just sure the publicist will give you some grain as a treat for doing such a good job on your review!

  8. Toooo stinkin cute!
    On my way to see the Texan right now : )

  9. Kringle, you have done a wonderful job of talking about and modeling these very beautiful goat coats. You definitely deserve some more grain -- and, you may well have found your calling... What a lovely lady to have made you those coats... Come visit when you can...

  10. Kringle, you did a great job! I like the red best on you, but I do not want to enter Texan's contest because my human will try to put the coat on ME!

  11. the goat coats are just too cute. i wonder if texan makes chow chow coats.

  12. Kringle, you are an excellent review goat! You must have taken notes from Pricilla! We think you look cute in all the colors of the coat!

  13. Great job Kringle! I think you should give the publicist some grain too, for helping you blog about your lovely coats!

  14. Kringle, you did a wonderful job as a ReviewGoat!

    I like all of the goat coats but I think the red really works well with your coloring.

    I am glad you have goat coats to keep you warm!

  15. Oh Kringle, you make a great reviewer. Now you have a job at the Happy Goat Farm. That is important. We are going to check out this Texan place. WE like all the colors but like the blue the best. Take care all you cute goats and stay warm.

  16. Great job Kringle, and pink looks great on you!


Maaaaaa away....


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