Monday, January 24, 2011

Herd News!

I have some news about the herd.
Mallory and little Kringle will be leaving us.
We are sad of course, but happy that they have found a good home.

They will be going to their new Farm on Thursday.
It was a little sooner than the publicist expected and she will miss watching little Kringle grow up.
He is still trying to hop on his nanny.

This is such a cute stage with kids.
He even tries to hop on his sister, Marion.

It always makes her smile.

She will miss Mallory, even if Mallory was a bully goat now and then.
But she is happy that Mallory's new publicist wanted to take Kringle too.

She will get to live with lots of other goats on a great big Farm.
There were just too many goats on our little Farm.
I will have a proper send off for Mallory and Kringle on Thursday.


  1. Oh, I'll miss Mallory and little Kringle! I wish them much happiness at their new farm.

  2. Oh! We will miss your updates on Mallory and Kringle, Pricilla, but I wish them all the best on their new adventure!

  3. Oh no! There are too many comings and goings at your farm. Just as soon as I get all attached......

    Sigh. I could never be a farmer. :(

  4. I don't think I'm going to be good about the leaving part on a farm.
    But it makes me sad that Darla is missing being a proper kid. I hope when she goes back the other goats will play with her and maybe snuggle at night when it's chilly.

    Much love from us to go with Mallory and wee Kringle.....


  5. oh no...i hate this part. i will really miss seeing little kringle. i am glad to hear that they are going to a good farm though!

  6. Oh that is sad. But we understand about too too many goats. We sure will miss Mallory and Kringle. At least there will be more babies this spring. Big hugs to Brewster.

  7. PS. thanks so much for the advice about the apples and the hot water. I am going to try both. Just don't know if Peepers will drink the water while it is still warm but I could just take some out there every time I go. Thanks again.

  8. I am glad that Mallory and Kringle have a good new home - but is SO sad to see them go!

  9. We'll all miss Mallory and Kringle, but it's good they have a nice forever farm.

  10. I hope they are so happy on their new farm! Best wishes Mallory and Kringle.

  11. We'll miss them but I'm sure they'll be very happy in their new homes!

  12. Oh noes! The goodbyes are always so hard but we're glad that Kringle will be with Mallory on their new farm so he's not alone.

  13. How exciting--a great big farm. So nice they can go together.

  14. Oh, I'm heartbroken to miss Kringle's growing up to a full studmuffin, but he will be with Mallory and that will make him feel better... Will you get any follow up pix you can share? This is a sad day; that's true... 8-(

  15. Oh, bye-bye, Kringle. We hardly knew you.

  16. Glad that you found Kringle a home! Hope that he and Mallory have a good life... probably won't be spoiled as badly on a bigger farm!


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