Thursday, January 27, 2011

Goodbye Mallory and Kringle....We Will Miss You

So Mallory and Kringle are off to their new Farm.
The publicist is very sad. It is always hard for her when she had to make these decisions.
She knows that they will have fun on their new Farm but little Kringle wasn't here very long and he was just getting to the fun stage. She found him doing this yesterday.

Yup, you are right!
He was "surfin' Montana style" on his nanny's back. 
He still needs some practice.

It reminded me (and the publicist) of my Kevin and we both had a sniff.
Oh well, on to my goodbyes to my pen mates.

I know that Mallory and I have not always gotten along.
She had her moments of being a bully goat but I am a gracious goat.

I went to her and gave her a rub goodbye.
I will miss her, sort of.
I think she will miss me....

I wanted her to know that I wish her and little Kringle well at their new Farm.
I will miss watching little Kringle grow up; it has been fun to have a kid this time of year.
I have told you all that.

Now I will just have to look forward to Abby and Sarah's kids - my grandkids.
So fare well, Mallory

and Kringle.

Fare well.
Know that we enjoyed having you here and we will think of you now and again.

Tomorrow Abby will have a retrospective of Mallory's stay at the Farm.


  1. Mallory looks like she's smiling! I hope she and Kringle have a wonderful life at their new home! That was very nice of you to give her a sniff goodbye, Pricilla!

  2. Sorry to see you go Kringle! You really are a cutie... but I'm sure you'll both have a good life at your new farm!

  3. Kringle, you are such a little nut! I wish you and Mallory both much happiness at your new farm.

  4. *Sob* Wahhhhhhhh! *Sob*

    Goodbye, little goat pallies. Goodbye! Wahhhhhhhhhh!

  5. We just have to think of it as they are going on a grand Goatie adventure....even if it makes us sniffle a little...

  6. Aye, 'tis a grand Goatie Adventure you'll both be on, indeed!

    Sometimes, special brave goats from the herd must venture out into the WIde World so that new goat stories may be told. I do hope you will, from time to time, send us back a new adventure to share.

    Fair Winds, wee ones.....the world is yours to discover.......

    The Goat Borrower

  7. Sniff sniff, now I feel sad too!

    I hope that Mallory and Kringle are going to a blogging farm where they can be guest stars on the blog!

  8. This is a saaaaaaaaaad day! Not only will you miss Mallory and Kringle, but they will miss the Publicist. They will never know that special attention, again, and it will take its toll... looking forward to tomorrow's tale.

  9. How sad! I don't know how you do it every time they have to move on!

  10. oh no.....what a sad day. i will miss the little fellow!

  11. For sure one of the hardest parts of having goaties... I am glad they get to stay together!

  12. I hope Mallory and Kringle have a happy life at their new home. It really is sad to see them go.

  13. I hope they both have a great life at their new home. I sniffed when you mentioned Kevin.

  14. This makes us so sad too but we wish them much happiness on their new farm. We'll look forward to the new little kids coming and we're crossing our paws that they are girls!

  15. What a beautiful send off for Mallory and Kringle. I'm certainly glad they will get to stay together. Hope we will be able to hear an update now and again.

  16. I am heart broken--you know I just loved little Kringle. I am looking forward to the new grandkids though :)

  17. Oh dear, Mom is tearing up. Those are such great pictures of Kringle on Mallory's back. The best though is Pricilla saying good bye. That really is too cute. We will miss them but looking forward to the new babies. We know Mallory and Kringle will have a good life at their new home. Maybe you can have them send you some pictures Pricilla. Now we need some pictures of Brewster. Take care.


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