Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Come Play with Me?

The publicist was walking by the buck pen and she heard an earsplitting MAAAAAAAAAA!
She looked over and she didn't see anything unusual.
She just saw this

Little Brewster running towards the gate.

What was his problem she thought.
He looked fine as he continued to run to her.

Luke was not bothering him.
He had plenty to eat.
His water bucket had not been tipped over.
It was not raining or snowing.

What could little Brewster want?
He jumped up on the fence and looked at her.

Come play with me!
That is what he wanted.
And she did.


  1. Poor little Brewster ... he misses all his friends in the other goat pen... Guess you'll have to play with him every day!

  2. Oh, that is so sad!! Poor Brewster. Having a rough day???

  3. Brewster is a cutey too like Kringle. He was just needing some extra attention :O). In this photo you can really see his Daddy in his features!

  4. He's so adorable! Hard to resist those boys!!!

  5. I volunteer to play with goats EVERYDAY! :)

  6. Excuse my ignorance, but how do you play with a goat? Do you play fetch, like with a dog?

  7. Brewster looks like he is getting pretty fat! In that first picture he is looking especially chubby.

  8. I LOVE IT!!!! How can you NOT play with a face like that!

  9. My kitty does that to me sometimes too. And then I play with him.

  10. How could she have resisted! I do that too sometimes, only without the "Maaaa" part.

  11. Oh, we want to come play with Brewster too!

  12. Awwww... Little Brewster just wanted to have a little fun. Who could blame him, really? I wish I could play with him, too!

  13. Oh my heart aches. Those eyes-those adorable, sweet, big, soft eyes. I know you played with that little thing until his heart was content :)

  14. How nice of her to take time to play with Brewster!

  15. Brewster is lonely poor thing. Sure glad the publicist went and played with him. He is just so cute. Take care Brewster and everyone else.


Maaaaaa away....


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