Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Christmas Tree-t Part II

We are still enjoying the Christmas tree-t from the male person and the publicist.
Mmmm, tree.

It is nice to have some greens. 
Greens are good in a diet.
Even for you humans.
It's true!
I wouldn't lie to you.
So eat your greens. Pricilla says so!

Today I will show you how much my kid Sarah and my grandkid Nora enjoyed munching on the tree.
Nora LOVES tree.

She must get that from me.

She just ran right up to the front of the tree and nommed away.
Good girl, Nora. Good girl!

Sarah had to check it out first.

She gave it a good sniff...

Then decided it a tasty treat!
Smart Sarah.

I knew that once she tasted it she would be a muncher extraordinaire!

On Thursday you will get to see the fun that little Kringle had with the tree-t.


  1. Is that your splendid posterior on the right in the first photo, Pricilla? How beautiful, round and fluffy you are! Nora is very pretty! I like her flecks of white around her ears...very pink tongue too! Tee hee.

    I want a tree-t too! My lady is just going to have to go out and get an unused tree!

  2. The gift that keeps on giving!

  3. Maybe it's my imagination, but does everyone look a little ... um, chubbier, these days?

  4. You look like you are enjoying it so much that you aren't even bothered by the snow. It is nice to get a special tree-t when it is so cold and snowy.

  5. I bet a great Christmas tree would fill your fiber requirements for the day! Here I've been eatin' apples, carrots, grapes and flaxseed! Heeehehe!

    What happy little goaties ya'll are.

    God bless and have a marvelous New Year sweetie!!

  6. You girls are sure enjoying that tree! Did Luke and Brewster get a Christmas tree too?

  7. Did Luke and Brewster get any of the Christmas tree?

  8. i can't think of a better use for a christmas tree!!!

  9. I wish my human had a tree-t for us too. Maybe I can come visit you and share.


Maaaaaa away....


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