Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Tree-t Part I

The publicist brought us down from the barn today and we found a big surprise in our pen.
It was a very special tree-t for us goats.

That's right!
It is a Christmas tree.
The publicist and the male person's Christmas tree.
They knew we would love to munch on it and they were right.

We all had a lot of fun with our surprise and it will take all week to share it with you.
The publicist took lots of photos.
I will go first.
I dug right in to that delicious Frasier fir.

As I told you before I am a fir connoisseur.
Mmmm, delicious!

There is nothing like a munch of greens in a dreary winter.
It is also good for a good head scratch.

I love a good head scratch.
Especially from a tree with such good needles.

That splotch you see on my neck is some iodine. I had a boo-boo that the publicist had to put medicine on. It stung a little but I am better now.

We will be able to munch on this tree all week long. By the time we are done there will be nothing left but the trunk. Then we will eat the bark off of that.

Ooooh, what a tree -t!

Thank you male person and publicist!
We are very Happy Goats today!

Tomorrow I will show you how much Nora and Sarah enjoyed the tree.


  1. What a fun goat treat! Sad about the boo-boo though. :(

  2. What a great ending for your Christmas tree. Much better than getting kicked to the curb with the trash and recycling. Does eating all that fir make your milk smell pine-y?

  3. MMMMMMMMMM! I think all fir trees should be recycled this way, don't you? Yummmy! I wish all my lady's friends would bring over their trees for recycling! You do look especially beautiful sampling that tree!

  4. Our tree is still in the living room, I leave it up until after Jan 10... my sons birthday... he doesn't live here anymore but I still leave the tree up!

    I'm so glad that your publicist and her male person had a real tree this year! I'm sure your happy too!

  5. Yummy-yum! ;)
    (poor boo-boo, though....)

    (These pics and posts just break my heart with the wanting!) ;)

    Have a lovely...and munchy....day!

  6. What a fabulous way to recycle the tree! You all look like you are really enjoying your special holiday treat.

  7. You goaties give recycling a whole new meaning!

  8. That was a great way to recycle the Christmas tree! It looked yummy Pricilla. We hope your boo-boo heals up quickly!

  9. LOVE your blog!
    We just traded our two escape goats for a mule. I don't miss the round ups but I do miss the entertainment!

    I will be pouring through your old posts :)

  10. First a toy for the kitties, then a treat for the goats - Christmas trees are pretty awesome!

  11. good goatie breath for a day or two. i wish teddy would eat xmas trees. and my husband.

  12. Now, that's called recycling a tree!

  13. You all look so fuzzy, and I just love Kringle's bright blue sweater while he's nursing his munching mommy! You are very beautiful, and it does look like a good scratching tree! Hope your boo boo is all better. :-)

  14. Rats! I have my tree laying in the yard as I wonder what to do with it. Ugh. I wish I could send it to you, goat friends. I think I will call the petting farm nearby and offer it to their goats. I wonder if they will think I am nuts??

  15. All of you goats gathered around the tree is such a cute picture! I wish I could send you my tree, too. What a waste.

  16. That is a great way to end the holidays, eat the left overs! I bet you get some nice fresh breath from the tree-t as well! my silly neighbor never thought to share her tree'ts with Saffy, she missed out a great goodie. Faythe @GMT~

  17. Our Mom goes around and cuts down branches for our goat, Peepers.She loves that stuff. When we had the other two goats, the big one would walk around on his hind legs eating off of the trees. Pricilla, we are so glad you got to eat the left over tree.


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