Friday, January 28, 2011

AbbyDay - I Share Mallory's Story of Her Life Here at the Happy Goats Farm

It's AbbyDay and therefore it's the best day of the week.
Today I'm forced I'm delighted to tell you all about Mallory and her time here on the Farm.

She came to us in April of 2009 and we were glad to have a new goat on the Farm. In fact it was an AbbyDay when when she was introduced so I guess it's only fitting that it should be an AbbyDay when we say our final goodbyes.

She was a curious goat and sometimes, yes a bullygoat. But she did keep us on our hooves if not on our spools.

She brought very cute kids to the Farm including Matthew.

Marion - who is still here.

And of course little Kringle who went with her to the new Farm.

She and Kringle went off in the male person's truck to her new Farm and the male person said she looked very happy there. There is lots of land and other goats for her and Kringle to get to know.

Now there is more grain for me.


  1. How nice of you, Abby, to mention Mallory on YOUR day!!! I really like that photo of Pricilla fending off Mallory from the spool! Tee hee.

  2. It is good to know Mallory and little Kringle are going to a nice place! I am sure when Mallory thinks of her time on your farm, as she ruminates at her new place, she will have a goatie smile on her face!

  3. I'm glad Mallory and Kringle are happy at their new home, but I am still going to miss them!

  4. i am with sparkle. i am glad to hear they looked happy but i sure will miss them too.

  5. We're glad Mallory and Kringle have a nice big farm and other goats around but we'll still be sad not to see Kringle grow up.

  6. Your evil plan of ridding the farm of other goats so you can have all the grain seems to be working!

  7. I am glad Mallory and Kringle are together at their new home.

    It will take a to little time to get over. We recently had to let Bossy and Brody go too and that realllllllly was difficult to get over ...

    I wish we could keep them all!! Always.

  8. Hey-ho, lovies!

    I'm not very good today at The Leaving. Miss Darla and I have only two more days before she returns to the barn. I know she'll be happy there returned to her goatie life but still The Leaving will make me a wee bit sad.

    Millie is very funny! And always speaks like a true goat! ;)

    So many, many thanks your way for joining in the spirit of the Capra blanket! It's really just so heart warming to have made so many goatie friends. It was so nice of you and Pricilla to take the time to send me such beautiful sparklies...which I PROMISE to sew on very, very tight! The Capra blanket is ceremonial in nature for the Yule goat so we'll keep a good eye that night so everything on the blanket stays that way!

    I only wish that everyone who participates could actually be there that night. Wouldn't THAT be magical?!

    More, more, more of your blog, please. ;)

    ~Mimi and Darla

  9. *sniff* I miss them soooo much! wahhhhhhh!

  10. Abby,that was a very nice tribute to Mallory and Kringle. We never got to meet Matthew but he was cute too. We sure will miss those two. So Abby you really think you are going to get more grain?? Hope you do. Have a great Saturday.


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