Sunday, December 5, 2010

What the Farm Cats Saw

You will remember that yesterday I showed you the Farm cats all looking at something in the yurt.
What could it be?
Some of you thought the yurt had a mouse!

This is not true.

The yurt had a visitor!
Black Cat.

You will recall that I introduced you to Black Cat a while ago in THIS POST.
He decided to come into the yurt to check it out.

While visiting he ate some of the Farm cats' food and this happened.

Then he left.
Which was probably good for Harry the Farm kitten.


  1. Black Cat stalks like a panther! ooooo!

  2. Yikes! I think little Harry took on more than he could handle!

  3. That made me laugh when I saw the paw swipe!

  4. Oh my. The cats here didn't even like hearing the video. They should just butt heads and then agree to get along.

  5. Poor lil' Harry...Black is twice his size!
    Just wait, Black...your time will come.

  6. Poor Harry. Glad that black one left. Hope he doesn't come back. Bad kitty.
    Hope you all have a good Sunday.

  7. Black is HUGE! I would have been a-skared too.

  8. Well, I don't think he was very nice! He's a visitor and he picks on the baby???! What gives, Black Cat?? Sheesh.

    I would have booted his rude butt right out the door into the cold.

  9. What the...? Black cat is wandering around like he owns the joint! And Harry isn't offering much of a challenge. Nor is anyone else! The Farm cats are being awfully wussy about this visitor.

  10. BTW, my human played the video again when I was in the other room and I thought Black Cat was attacking HER! You should have seen me come running! Now I am mad at her for giving me such a scare.

  11. i think it is time that harry sit those other yurt kitties down for a good talking to about protecting their turf and their turf buddies.

  12. Oh, poor Harry. He did not look or sound pleased at all. I hope he has recovered.

  13. That Black Cat sure doesn't know how to act like a guest in Harry's home!

  14. Well hmmmm. That's pushing it for any visitor! But he looks like he wants to be tame and will settle in if you are thinking of being "adopted." It's amazing how more cats show up when you aren't really needing any more.


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