Thursday, December 16, 2010

Well, It's Not Rain....

It has stopped raining.
But it has not stopped precipitating.
So you know what that means....

This is the view I had of the buck pen this morning.
That's right!

Whatever happened to just a plain old sunny day without water in any form?

My studmuffin spent a lot of time on his spool.

It was probably to get away from this

Yes, Brewster is STILL not happy.
And that kids has some lungs on him.

He does tend to stop MAAAAAAAAAAAAing when the publicist goes in the yurt.
I think he knows that if she is not around his condition has no chance of changing.

Smart goat.

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  1. Brewster, your tongue looks funny!

  2. POor Brewster... or is it the stud muffin that needs my sympathy?

    Snowed here too yesterday... but the mainland is flooding from the rain on MOnday!

  3. That snow is very pretty Pricilla! Luke must need earplugs! I can hear that Brewster yell right through the photograph!

  4. Goats sure are smart, but your a smarter that!...he he!

  5. he better watch that tongue, it's gonna get stuck'd to that thing in teh cold!

  6. I hope it doesn't take Brewster too long to start enjoying his new life in the buck pen.

  7. Shouldn't someone be building an ark? Brewster has definitely made his unhappiness known... Poor little fella. His world is turned upside down... Studmuffin needs to DO something! Isn't there a dance that goats can do to change the weather? Come visit when you can and Happy Holidays!

  8. Looks like both Luke and Brewster are not enjoying that arrangement at all. We hope Brewster isn't so upset about the move to the buck pen for much longer cause it makes us sad.

  9. I think that little Brewy must be part giraffe, look at how long his tongue is!

  10. I don't know who I feel sorrier for - Brewster for being so unhappy, or Luke, who has to listen to him complaining!

  11. awwww....i can almost hear little brewster. wait....maybe i actually can!

  12. I am so sorry you are still getting wet stuff. That is no fun! Poor Brewster--he'll lose his voice soon, and then it will be quiet (that happened to my girl Pebbles when she was weaned).

  13. We want to come right over and give poor Brewster a hug. Brewster, you need to try to be friends with Luke. He looks like a nice guy. Take care all of you and have a great day.


Maaaaaa away....


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