Thursday, December 2, 2010

The SpokesGoat Speaks

Today I am doing some SpokesGoating.
I haven't done this in a while so I might be a little rusty.
Since I am going to do my first and most important job I think I should bring out my headshot.

I'm trying out a mini headshot, what do you think?

Aaaah, there we go.

I wanted to let you know that my rich soap makes excellent gifts for this holiday season!
It's true!
Everyone needs soap!

I have soaps for cat lovers

Dog lovers

Goat lovers  
Everyone should be a goat lover!

If you go to my shop you will find lots of soaps in many shapes and scents - even Guinea Pigs.

If you have teachers to buy presents for you can 3 of my rich soaps for only $11!

If you use my coupon code ( It's Pricilla in case you forgot) you get 10% off so the 3 soaps are less than $10!

Isn't that wonderful?!  

I think if you are looking for a great gift at a good price you should shop in my store.

Now I am going to go eat some hay.
This Spokesgoating is hard work.


  1. Pricilla, I agree, those soaps make an excellent gift!

  2. You still got it! You are a great spokes goat!

  3. Well done Pricilla..well doooonnne!!
    ^_^ Such cute soaps and a great deal.


  4. You really are a wonderful spokesgoat. I'm going to butt my human to make her go to your store.

  5. You did an excellent job Pricilla!

  6. You are a great Spokesgoat Pricilla! Our mommy wants to take advantage of your coupon but hasn't had time to sit down and check out all your soap scents yet since she's getting ready for a 3 day craft show this weekend. Hopefully she will have time after the show is over so thanks for the reminder (and you can keep adding reminders if you want)!

  7. I want Guinea pig-scented soap! That would also make a great gift (for cats).

  8. Oh yes excellent gifts. Everyone needs soap-couldn't agree more- including Mr donfee from B3!

  9. Adorable! A great way to keep the animal lovers clean and smelling nice too!!


Maaaaaa away....


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